Towel rail in beige

Important and correct - towel rails in beige belong in your bathroom

Alternatives to storing towels are essential for a tidy bathroom. Beige towel rails are the perfect choice here and enhance your bathroom with simple elegance. You can find out why beige towel rails belong in your bathroom, which variants are available and what you should look out for at Metallbude .

Benefits of beige towel rails

Beige towel rails offer you many possibilities and advantages in your bathroom:

  • Towel rails create order. So you never lose track of which towel belongs to whom and when it's time to change towels.
  • The color beige can be combined with many furnishing styles. Beige towel rails can be easily integrated into modern or Scandinavian styles and the Japandi style.
  • Beige towel rails provide more storage space in the bathroom . Each towel gets a fixed place and so the floor and the shower wall are spared from wet towels.
  • Towels dry faster, more hygienically on them and - if they are hung properly - do not absorb bad odours.
  • Standing towel rails are flexible and can be repositioned at any time or converted into a clothes rack. Plus point: You can take them with you if you should move.
  • Beige towel rails are available in different designs and sizes. They can be perfectly combined with other bathroom furnishings in beige, such as a toilet paper holder or a shower shelf, and are a real eye-catcher.

Towel rail in beige – variants at a glance

Your selection of beige towel rails is huge and each model is suitable for different requirements. Some can only be attached to the wall with screws, others can be glued or even require no assembly at all. Some models can be extended, artificially lengthened and have one or more struts. Here are a few common variations:

  • Towel rails: The simplest and most popular variant is the towel rail. It is installed either parallel to the body of the washbasin or parallel to the wall. You can choose a simple variant, such as the VANA model from Metallbude, or choose the NALI towel holder in a set of 2. This offers even more space. Towel rails can be mounted vertically to accommodate rolled towels or horizontally to hang towels. With its two bars, the STENNI towel rail offers space to hang up several towels. A special highlight are the towel rails that are mounted on the ceiling. Metallbude's TENSI towel rail is the perfect example of this. Another plus point: enough space on your floor for other bathroom furniture.
  • Towel racks: Towel racks are towel holders that are mounted on the wall. You can accommodate several folded towels. Some models offer an additional bar so that wet towels can dry.
  • Towel ladders / towel stands: Towel ladders are a guaranteed eye-catcher in the bathroom. They have several rungs on which towels can dry optimally. They can also be fitted with hooks on which other bathroom accessories can be hung. They can be flexibly rearranged and work very well as clothes racks. A towel stand can also be placed anywhere in the room. It has two to three struts that leave enough space for towels and for extensive drying.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a beige towel rail?

An important criterion for your beige towel rail in the bathroom is the material. Wood, plastic or metal are possible. In a humid environment like the bathroom, we would always recommend stainless metal. Here you have the choice between stainless steel, brass or powder-coated, chrome-plated or lacquered metal. This ensures long durability and is available in different colors.

In addition to beige models, you can also choose black or white towel rails . You decide what fits best in your bathroom. If you install a beige towel rail next to the sink, make sure that it hangs at about the same height. That's about 80 to 95 centimeters. Next to the shower, the towel holder can be mounted higher. Here he must be within easy reach.

Buy towel holder in beige at Metallbude

Beige towel rails impress with their simple and modern appearance and therefore fit into every bathroom. Choose the perfect towel rail for your bathroom and combine it with other bathroom accessories from Metallbude. You can also benefit from the following advantages:

  • From a minimum order value of 150 € you get free shipping within Germany,
  • Custom-made products from Metallbude are Made in Germany and handmade,
  • Depending on the product, you can specify individual dimensions or choose different colors.

Buy your beige towel rail from Metallbude now!