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Modern bathroom towel rack for a minimalist decor

In the often small bathroom, accessories must not only be decorative, but above all practical. A high-quality towel rack for the bathroom from Metalbude more than meets this requirement, because it combines a modern look with high functionality. Different variants ensure that your new towel rack fits exactly in your bathroom. And thanks to the timeless design, our towel rails can be combined with virtually any bathroom decor.

Our selection of towel rails for the bathroom

When designing and conceptualizing our towel holders for the bathroom, we never lose sight of the accessory's purpose. A towel rack should keep your towels handy for you at all times. It doesn't matter if you want to dry your hands after washing or you need a large bath towel after showering. With a suitable towel rack you have your towel immediately at hand. However, since the conditions in every bathroom are different, you will find the following models in our shop:

  • Towel holder for the wall
  • Towel ladders
  • Hooks for towels
  • Towel bars

Our towel rails for the wall are perfect for storing several towels. For this you simply roll up the towels and clamp them behind the metal bar. Minimalist, space-saving and suitable for everyday use, you can store several towels at once. At the same time, the accessory is a striking eye-catcher. In combination with the black toilet paper holder the bathroom gets even more character.

Classic or flexible - towel holder for the bathroom in different shapes

Classic towel rails are usually mounted parallel to the wall. Depending on the model, such a railing shape has one or two bars for hanging your towels. If you want to put your towel rails in the bathroom even better in scene, you decide for our models for ceiling mounting. These are especially convincing above the bathtub, but can be mounted in many ways. Above the bathtub, they allow you to reach directly for the towel when getting out of the tub.

Maximum flexibility is promised by our towel ladders with several rungs. They can be leaned against a wall or door as needed and provide space for several towels. Since they are leaned at an angle, enough air gets to your towels. They are therefore also perfect for drying wet textiles. All our holders can be supplemented with our towel hooks if desired. These are made of leather and can be mounted on any bar. Alternatively, we carry timeless coat hooks in black, which also cut a fine figure in the bathroom as towel holders.

Metallbude - your expert for bathroom towel rails with style

Whether you want a complete industrial bathroom or want to set striking accents with individual accessories - at Metallbude you are in the right place. We have focused on timeless furniture and decor in a modern, minimalist style. All of our towel rails are made of stainless, powder-coated tubular steel, making them ideal for the bathroom. Since we manufacture the majority of our products ourselves, custom designs like a white towel bar or stainless steel towel bar are no problem. Browse our range of metal towel rails and get to know our minimalist but functional design. From an order value of 50 euros, we deliver your bathroom towel rail or another item of your choice free of shipping costs to your home.