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Side table in black from Metallbude - small furniture, big effect.

A side table in black scores not only with functionality: with the right design, it becomes an eye-catcher in the living room. Or bedroom. Or in the hallway. You decide where this small designer table comes into its own. In our assortment you will find pretty side tables with black metal made in Germany and Europe. If you want, you can even customize the size and design to your liking.

Metal side tables - so versatile are these small pieces of furniture

Side tables are most often used as a storage surface for the drink in the living room or as a minimalist version of the nightstand. A modern version of the classic side table made of wood is a side table made of metal. These side tables are sturdy and can perfectly complement the decor in the living room or bedroom. Also at Metal booth we carry side tables in modern black metal.

These types of black metal side tables are available:

Round metal side tables:

Small, round side tables can be chosen as a contrasting element to a more angular interior.

Rectangular metal side tables:

Rectangular side tables made of metal can be placed close to a wall or the recliner, where they can serve as a storage surface.

Square metal side tables:

This common table shape is most often used as a side table in the living room or as an alternative to a nightstand.

Metal side table with storage under the table surface:

Instead of a Black metal coffee table you can also choose a small metal side table with a shelf under the table surface. Here you can place your favorite magazine or remote control and still keep the table surface free.

Metal table with wooden table top:

A combination of a side table made of wood and metal creates interesting contrasts. Such a side table combines industry with nature. Especially the combination of black metal frame and dark solid wood looks stylish and noble.

Metal table with glass top:

Due to a filigree metal frame in combination with a glass top, the side table looks light and thus fits especially in smaller living rooms.

Metal side table with stone top:

The side table with a stone top also combines nature with industry. A side table with a gray, natural stone top has a special effect. However, such a design also brings more weight.

Designer metal table in special shapes:

A side table in the form of a hexagon or octagon, oval or with a tree slice as a table top - such and many other special shapes and combinations can combine a side table with metal elements in it.

Order black side table at Metallbude - we carry these models

In our online store we carry black side tables completely made of metal or in combination with a solid wooden top. Our side tables are characterized by a high-quality and robust processing. You our modern, black side tables perfectly combine with other furniture in our assortment - for example, in the bedroom with our clothes rail or in the living room with a metal coffee table.

Can't find the perfect model in our online store? Just contact us! Since we manufacture the furniture ourselves, we can also take special wishes into account and, for example, adjust the height of the tabletop, the size of the side table or the color for you. If you want to try yourself as a furniture designer, try our online furniture planner with many customization options. From a value of goods of 50 euros, we send the new side table of black metal free shipping to your home! We look forward to seeing you.