Decorative and high-quality home accessories add individuality and comfort to your home. Not only in furniture, but also in decoration, the Scandinavians combine clarity, simplicity and pragmatism with style. Scandinavian decoration may be simple, but it creates a beautiful ambience with high-quality home accessories. Coordinated, harmonious, minimalist furnishings with matching furniture, lighting and home accessories enhance the quality of life. Large shelves, armchairs and tables set the basic values of the interior design, but home accessories define the style!


Scandinavian Home Accessories - “Less is More”

Scandinavian home accessories are becoming more and more popular. "Less is more" is the motto. Many people today take inspiration from the North by keeping their homes minimalist. However, it is important to find the right decoration to keep the ambiance from being too monotonous. It is not the furniture alone, but the accessories that give your home individuality and character. The good thing about Scandinavian decor is that it goes with any style of interior and is easy to combine.

The Style and Design of Scandinavian Home Accessories

To create a harmonious atmosphere, buy as few home accessories as possible. Many decorative items just gather dust in the basement. Scandinavians are all about sustainability! Think about the style and design that suits you best. Decorative and high quality home accessories are popular here. Metallbude has some functional decorative elements, such as a wall mirror with an organically shaped shelf made of powder-coated sheet metal. The black leather S-hooks, which glide quietly and without a trace over the metal rod in the hallway, also make a simple statement. The KIVA coasters can be left on the coffee table as a decorative element, with an elegant metal design that blends in well with any modern interior.

Color and Material from Scandinavian Home Accessories

The basic material of Scandinavian home accessories is usually wood, glass or metal. Colors are often simple and light, or in combination with Japanese lifestyle values, the so-called "Japandi", there may also be dark accents. Black and white, in combination with warm natural colors, often form the basis, as they can be perfectly combined with the basic materials. Due to the simplicity of the colors and materials, Scandinavian accessories can be combined perfectly. For example, our NEVA open metal shelf can be used as a plant stand and combined with the RUBI coat rack and matching coat hooks to create a fresh atmosphere in any hallway.


Scandinavian Home Accessories - Size and Space

It is also important to consider how much space you have available for your home decor.

Large decorative items take up a lot of space and need to be placed correctly to be effective. Smaller items, on the other hand, can be tucked away or blended into the décor without cluttering the room. In general, the more space an item takes up, the less decoration there should be in the room. A striking vase on a metal side table can be enough to create an appealing atmosphere in smaller rooms. SOLI X by Metallbude is a statement piece with a Scandinavian look that can beautifully display dried flowers or a summer bouquet.


Price Range of Scandinavian Home Accessories

And last but not least: How much do you want to spend on your home decor?

Calculating your costs beforehand will help you keep track of things, so you can make a well-considered purchase. With Scandinavian decorating, you can get quality items for under 50 euros. Investing in quality Scandinavian home accessories is worth it. If you rely on the design quality of renowned labels for large furnishings, you should continue this pattern on a small scale. Stay true to your standards!

Scandinavian Home Accessories as a Gift Idea

Our Scandinavian home accessories under 50 Euros also make great gifts. The PALO coat hooks in black metal look elegant in a box and are a sustainable designer gift that can be used in many ways thanks to its small size. Whether as a towel holder in the kitchen or as a decorative felt hat holder on the wall. The recipient has a lot of freedom to use their new home accessory in an appealing way.