Shoe Cabinet Types – Shoe Cabinets are so diverse

Shoe cabinets have been around for a long time, but when they were invented and popularized is not known. In Japan, shoe cabinets have a long tradition - shoes are always taken off at the entrance and replaced with slippers.

Shoe cabinets are also called shoe racks or shoe chests - they always mean a piece of furniture in which shoes can be stored. They can be open or equipped with sliding doors, hinged doors and regular wardrobe doors.

A special feature of shoe cabinets is ventilation: ventilation holes in the back, on the sides and in the shelves are intended to prevent damp shoes from smelling or even getting moldy.



These are the most common variations for Shoe Cabinets:


  • Open Shoe Rack: An open shoe rack is a simple and common way to store shoes in the entryway. The advantage is that you can see where your shoes are at a glance. The downside is that you see all the shoes. Too many old shoes in the entryway doesn't look inviting. That's why open shoe racks are great for everyday shoes in the entryway. The rest of the shoes are better kept in a closed shoe cabinet.
  • Shoe Rack with Bench: If the shoe rack has a bench, you can sit comfortably while putting on and taking off shoes. One drawback: The shoe rack can only reach the height of a normal seat, so storage space is limited.
  • Closed Shoe Cabinet: If you don't want to see your shoes, choose a closed shoe cabinet or closed shoe rack. Sliding doors make this option ideal for narrow hallways.
  • Wall Shoe Rack: A wall shoe rack is mounted on the wall. When the shoes are placed vertically on the shelf, this type of shoe rack can be very narrow, making it suitable for narrow entryways. The wall shoe rack is usually equipped with hinged doors.
  • Tall Shoe Rack: If you have a lot of shoes, a tall shoe rack is the right choice. Because of its height, the tall shoe rack provides a lot of storage space in the hallway. Disadvantage: There is no seating and you need a lot of space for the piece o furniture.

  • These types of shoe racks come in a variety of designs - for example, an open metal shoe rack in an industrial style or in a more traditional cottage style. There is a shoe rack to suit every decorating style and taste.




Shoe Cabinet Guide: How to choose the right Shoe Cabinet



Are you looking for a modern shoe rack? To make the right choice, you should consider these points:


  • Space in the Hallway: First and foremost, measure the space in your hallway. You may not be able to fit your dream armoire in a small entryway. However, a narrow, wall-mounted armoire will fit behind the front door. If there is a closet nearby, it is an alternative location for a larger armoire. In that case, a small shoe bench in the entryway would suffice.
  • Required Storage Space: If you are a minimalist, a small shoe rack may be all you need; if you are a maximalist, you may need more. As a compromise, you can store frequently worn shoes in a minimalist shoe rack, while keeping out-of-season or special occasion shoes in shoe boxes in the closet. Simple metal shoe racks, like the ones you can find in our selection, look especially decorative.
  • Shelf Height: Boots need more room - or they'll get squashed in the shoe rack. It's best to choose a boot rack that allows you to adjust the height of the shelves.
  • Type of Shoe Rack: The type of shoe rack you choose depends not only on the space available and the storage space required, but also on your taste. Simply put, choose what you like.
  • Ventilation: Ventilation is a must for any shoe cabinet. So make sure your shoe cabinet has ventilation holes or choose an open shoe rack. If you store shoes in shoe boxes in the closet, make sure they are already aired and dry.
  • Material: A shoe rack in white, metal, wood or a combination of materials? Again, anything goes.
  • Design: There are shoe racks with metal elements in industrial design, classic cottage style, vintage version, Japanese style, Scandinavian style and many other designs. When choosing a shoe rack for your hallway, make sure it blends in with its surroundings.


As you can see, you have many options when choosing a new shoe cabinet. At Metallbude you will find minimalist versions of the shoe rack: open, modern and made of metal - perfect for your everyday shoes. Feel free to browse our range and choose high quality metal furniture for your hallway.