Living naturally – this is how you implement the sustainable Trend in your Home

Natural living comes from an awareness of the environment. It is not about consumption, but about minimalism and enjoying the here and now. That doesn't mean you have to do without design, technology or comfort. Greenterior can be perfectly combined with the visual demands of our time and is also good for the wallet. Furniture made of natural materials is particularly durable. Since the focus is on sustainable and natural furniture, you should make sure that it is really metal furniture and that you are familiar with the materials and the manufacturer's instructions. As a manufacturer of metal furniture, we know what is important and therefore only produce furniture that you can use for a long time and combine with different living trends.




Metal Furniture with solid Wood – this is how you combine it correctly

Rustic solid wood is the material for a natural style of living. It has a unique look and warm colors that create a cozy atmosphere. Combinations of solid wood and metal are particularly beautiful, such as a coffee table with a metal frame and a solid wood top. This is a great way to make your living room more comfortable. Solid wood is not chemically or mechanically treated. You should make sure that the wood comes from local forests and is FSC and PEFC certified.


Natural stone fits in the form of tiles in the bathroom, hallway, kitchen or beautifies your terrace. Natural stone not only looks good, but is robust, easy to care for and diverse: granite, marble, terrazzo, travertine, slate and much more create a great natural ambience.


Other Materials for natural Living are:

  • Bamboo
  • Cotton
  • Fur
  • Felt
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Basket
  • Cork
  • Copper
  • Leather
  • Linen
  • Brass
  • Metal
  • Natural fibers
  • Paper
  • Rattan
  • Sisal
  • Straw
  • Wool


Combinations of different textures, such as knit and faux fur, create exciting contrasts and round out a natural living style. For a harmonious look, combine no more than three different textures. Eliminate plastic from your home.

Metal Furniture and green Plants: A great Combination for a natural Interior

Metal furniture is perfect for the Greenterior style because it has a modern and minimalist aesthetic that goes well with the natural interior style. To make it even more natural, you can combine it with plants and bring even more nature into your own four walls. With metal shelves or metal brackets decorated with plants, you can create an aesthetic balance between green plants and cool metal tones. To further emphasize the Greenterior design, you can play with different metal finishes and colors, such as stainless steel or brass, black or gold, to create an interesting contrast with the green plants.

Plants as natural Air Purifiers for your natural Living Trend

Plants are also excellent air purifiers because they convert nitrogen into oxygen, creating an optimal indoor environment. Plants that need a lot of water are best. They convert it into water vapor, contributing to an excellent indoor climate. Are ideal

  • Ferns
  • Ivy plants
  • Single sheets
  • Dragon tree
  • Bow hemp


Natural Colors with Color Accents are ideal for natural Living

Natural colors such as brown, cream, sand and gray are perfect for a natural decorating style. To keep things from getting too monotonous, you can add color accents in shades of blue and green, or use nude, coral, or black and white. In this way, you can add an individual and contemporary touch to your natural home.

When using wall paints, make sure they are free of harmful substances. Lime or clay colors support natural living and look great. Silicate paints are also good because they are breathable and free of solvents, plasticizers and preservatives. When wallpapering, use paper wallpaper.



Greenterior with natural Shapes and Colors – beige metal Furniture

In nature there are no corners and straight lines. Therefore, you should choose furniture and decorations with curved shapes. Metal furniture with organic shapes works just as well as handmade things, of which there is no exact second model.


Natural Living thanks to sustainable metal Furniture

To implement the living trend, you should choose sustainable furniture. Unfortunately, there is currently no binding definition that precisely defines sustainable production. It is therefore best to choose manufacturers who voluntarily provide information about their production. Make sure that renewable raw materials are used and the following seals of quality:

  • Blue Angel: Products do not contain any harmful substances
  • GS seal: tested safety
  • Golden M: good quality and free of harmful substances


Natural living is very trendy and can be easily implemented with the right materials, colors, furniture and plants. Pay attention to sustainable production and nature will find its way into your four walls.


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