Live tone-on-tone with the monochrome interior design style

Choose a main color and immerse yourself in a harmonious and elegant living atmosphere. From the walls to furniture to decorations, everything is kept in the same color family. The result? A timeless and calming ambience that creates a sophisticated and stylish living atmosphere.


What does monochrome interior mean?

Monochrome interior is an interior design style in which a single color or a limited palette of shades dominates. A specific color is chosen as the main color, which is used in different shades and gradations throughout the room. This minimalist approach creates a coherent and harmonious atmosphere in which the individual elements blend seamlessly together. The monochrome interior can be implemented with different colors, such as gray, blue, green or pink. It emphasizes the texture, shape and lighting effects in the room, thereby creating an interesting visual effect. Light or dark colors can be used, depending on the desired effect. Monochrome interiors allow for a variety of design options and allow you to specifically influence the mood in the room.


Create harmony and contrast with monochrome furnishings

With monochrome furnishings you can create a fascinating balance of harmony and contrast in your home. Using different shades and gradations of the same color creates subtle contrasts and adds depth and dimension to the room. Light and dark tones can be used specifically to create accents and direct the eye. To bring the monochrome design to life, you can experiment with different textures and materials. Velvet, wool, glass or metal add additional interest to the room. The monochrome furnishings are versatile and timeless. It can be used in any room, be it the living room, bedroom or office. With this design technique you can create an elegant and sophisticated environment that is both calming and inspiring.




Monochrome interior in black and white is a timeless and elegant interior style. The combination of these two classic colors creates a harmonious and modern ambience. Black and white furniture and decorations create subtle contrasts that add depth and sophistication to the room. The clean lines and minimalist design emphasize the beauty of the colors and ensure a timeless aesthetic. The monochrome design offers versatile opportunities to experiment with texture and materials, be it cozy carpets, shiny surfaces or soft fabrics, creating a timeless and stylish home.

Grey in grey

The use of different shades of gray creates a harmonious and calming atmosphere in the room. The combination of light and darker shades creates subtle contrasts and gives the interior depth. The monochrome gray design emphasizes the texture and play of light and shadow in the room. It also allows the integration of different materials such as velvet, wool or metal to create interesting accents. With its timeless elegance and flexibility, the gray-on-gray interior fits various furnishing styles and creates a modern and appealing living atmosphere.



Neutral beige

Whether in the living room or bedroom, the monochrome interior in neutral beige creates a timeless and appealing living atmosphere that is stylish and calming at the same time. Monochrome interior in neutral beige is a wonderful way to bring elegance and coziness into the room. The use of different shades of beige creates a harmonious and calming atmosphere that invites you to relax. The monochrome color scheme emphasizes the beauty of clean lines and minimalist design. The neutral color palette allows you to play with different textures and materials. Soft fabrics such as velvet and linen, combined with natural elements such as wood or rattan, give the interior a pleasant warmth and coziness. With a monochrome beige design, you can create gentle contrasts by combining light and darker beige tones. This makes the room more interesting and complex.