What is "set up monochrome"?

Look at an old black and white photo: the contrasts between black and white create a whole picture. Vintage images exude nostalgia and simplicity. The monochrome furnishing style is based on these images. Walls, furniture, murals and decorations are kept in so-called "non-colors".

These are mostly black and white. A monochrome room can also be kept in neutral "non-colors" such as gray on gray or beige tones. The word "monochrome" or "monochromatic" means "single color" and describes, for example, the monochrome design of an image.

A monochrome furnishing style is combined with natural materials such as wood and natural textiles. Contrasts are important. Neither dark nor light “non-colors” predominate. Consistent furnishing in black and white is timeless and stylish and – with the use of soft accessories and home textiles – also cozy. A quiet room has a calming effect on our brain.

Set up monochrome – you should pay attention to this

"Setting up monochrome" refers to the choice of color - you are completely free in the style. You can furnish your room in a retro look, in a modern industrial style or in a shabby chic look. However, in order for the room to be truly monochrome, you need to banish most colors from your rooms.

The monochrome interior also has a lot in common with minimalism . Grandma's colorful embroidered blanket, the painted mural of a flower meadow and other colored elements are replaced by monochrome accessories. This limits you to a few selected decorative elements and home textiles in black or white or optionally in another “non-color” such as gray and beige. You can read here how to successfully muck out and minimize .

How to set up your apartment in monochrome:

With these tips you can set up your apartment in monochrome:

  • Contrasts instead of colors: The monochrome furnishing style thrives on contrasts. Contrasts set interesting accents even without colors. Contrasts keep the room in balance. Neither light nor dark colors should predominate. In front of a white wall, you could place your black leather sofa, which in turn has light-colored cushions and a light-colored knitted blanket .

  • Apply wall paint correctly: A black wall absorbs a lot of light. That's why you should only paint a single wall black or dark. With a light wall color (and dark accents), you are on the safe side. If you dare to go for the black wall color, be sure to decorate this wall with lighter elements as a contrast - for example with monochrome pictures with a predominant white component or with a chic wall mirror.
  • The right choice of furniture: A large black cabinet can quickly appear too bulky and dark. If you are unsure about the color of your furniture, light colors are the safe choice. For example, opt for a console table in white or a white couch.

  • This is how you set accents: You can play with patterns and decorate the room with a black and white carpet or smaller black elements, for example. You can complement a white wall with black and white pictures or dark gray patterns.
  • Be creative with monochrome decorative elements: have you opted for black and white striped cushions? Your carpet is decorated with a gray and white checked pattern? You can repeat these patterns in other places in the room - for example in a decorative figure or in a mural. Recurring patterns visually connect the room.
  • Monochrome playful with metal furniture: If you don't yet dare to approach a dark leather sofa, you can first approach the monochrome furnishings with smaller metal furniture. For example with a black side table or a black metal shelf. Details such as the floor lamp made of black metal or the round wall mirror with a black metal frame underline the monochrome furnishing style.

  • Monochrome rounded off with natural materials: If the pure monochrome furnishings seem too rich in contrast, you can round off the style with neutral natural elements. For example with a beige knitted blanket or a coffee table with a wooden table top. Fabrics or decorations made of jute or a wicker basket made of seaweed for the houseplant also soften a black and white room that is too rich in contrast.

Our tip: You can also test the monochrome furnishing style on a small scale without having to part with your mint green sofa and grandma's colorful embroidered blanket. To avoid having to repaint the walls for this experiment, choose a room or area that has walls that are already neutral in color.

The hallway or bedroom is particularly suitable for the experiment. Simply store colored elements in the cupboard for a few weeks and let the monochrome ambience work its magic on you. You might be surprised at how calming the monochrome decor is on your mind.

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January 19, 2023