What is minimalist decoration?

Minimalism and decoration – they are actually opposites. Actually. Because as long as you don't follow the extreme form of minimalism, you can decorate. If you continue to limit yourself to minimalist principles, the decoration will not endanger the overall minimalist concept of your interior design.

How to decorate minimalistically:

  • Use decorative and art objects sparingly - a single picture or a single houseplant fits the minimalist interior style better than a gallery wall or a shelf full of plants.
  • Less is more - the motto applies to minimalism and minimalist decoration.
  • Choose muted or neutral colors for the decoration - colorful decorations seem too intrusive.
  • Minimalist decoration should appear reserved and not be the focus.
  • Choose decorative items with clean lines, no frills or frills. Modern art objects or decorations in a calm Japandi style fit better here than, for example, ornate vintage decorations.
  • The overall appearance of the room should appear empty, tidy and minimalist.
  • Regularly get rid of things that you no longer use or no longer bring you joy.

These are the basic principles of minimalist decoration. The following items, among others, are suitable for minimalist living spaces:

  • Vases in neutral colors. If you want to create gentle contrasts, your vase can take on a slightly curved or round shape. The vase can also be used as its own decorative element - without any flowers.
  • Dried branches. Instead of flowers, you can decorate minimalistically with dried branches. Corkscrew willow and other curved branches make good decorations.
  • Minimalist candle holders. Modern candle holders are a good alternative to a vase on the table. During Advent, minimalist candle holders can replace the Advent wreath. Such decoration made of black metal looks particularly beautiful on a wooden table.
  • A modern wall mirror. At Metallbude we stock metal wall mirrors with rounded corners. The black metal frame makes them appear rich in contrast, while the curves of the corners make them soft and subtle.
  • Shelves with little or empty storage space. Remember: It's not about putting a lot of items on the shelf. You should only exhibit items that you can really enjoy. Areas can and should even remain empty - except for a houseplant, your favorite book and a special piece of art.
  • Subtle wall decoration. You can hang isolated pictures on the wall of a minimalist room. Alternatively , metal wall decorations can also be used as minimalist decoration in the living room . Avoid delicate metal works of art and opt for a design with clear, modern lines.
  • Green plants bring nature into your home. Its green color harmonizes with neutral and natural tones in minimalist rooms. Tropical plants such as Monstera Deliciosa, Monstera Adansonii and various types of Philodendron are popular. These plants do not require direct sunlight and thrive in the shade. To ensure that your houseplants fit into the overall minimalist concept, you should place them in minimalist or modern flower pots.

Is minimalist furniture and minimalist decor too much minimalism?

There is no such thing as too much minimalism. There is rather too little minimalism: If you decorate your minimalist furniture with minimalist decoration, your interior will not become more minimalist - it will become less minimalist. Extreme minimalism, for example, would completely forego any decoration.

But despite all our love for minimalism: we find completely empty living spaces not very comfortable and inviting. Despite minimalism, there can be a bit of decoration and variety. As long as the objects bring you joy, they are also allowed according to the minimalist philosophy.

So you can easily combine minimalist furniture with minimalist decoration. Since minimalist furniture and decoration follow the same basic principles, they harmonize very well. The subtle coffee table decoration made of a simple, metallic candle holder, for example, harmonizes perfectly with a minimalist metal coffee table with a wooden table top.

You see: Decorating minimalistically is actually quite easy - because it doesn't take much to create a special, minimalist look. Discover high-quality and sustainable minimalist furniture and special minimalist decoration in our online shop now.