These Decorating Tips will make your Apartment look more expensive

With simple decorating tips, your apartment can appear more expensive:

  • Choose high-quality textiles such as velvet or linen for pillows and curtains.
  • Use large mirrors to reflect space and light.
  • Customize your color palette by choosing neutral tones with gold or silver accents.
  • Reduce clutter to create an organized atmosphere.
  • Strategically place artwork or large pictures on the walls.
  • Invest in quality lighting that elegantly illuminates the room.
  • Use stylish vases or candlesticks as subtle accents.
  • Combine different materials such as glass, metal and wood for an upscale look.


Black Decorative Elements – Elegant & Timeless

Black decor adds elegance and timelessness to a room. Its dark intensity adds depth and contrast that blends harmoniously with different interior styles. From black picture frames to candlesticks and vases, these elements create a stylish focal point. The versatility of black makes it possible to create bold accents or subtle highlights. It lends gravitas and class to any space, and works beautifully with other colors and materials. Whether in minimalist, industrial or classic environments, black decorative elements are timeless companions that add a touch of luxury and sophistication that never goes out of style.


Sculptures enhance the Living Space

Sculpture is a unique way to enhance a room. Their presence in the room draws attention and adds depth and character. Sculptures are available in a variety of styles, materials and sizes to perfectly match the interior design concept. They can serve as a central statement piece or add subtle accents. Choosing a sculpture can emphasize the personality of the room, whether through abstract forms, figurative representations or modern interpretations. Sculpture creates an engaging visual dynamic and encourages conversations about art and aesthetics. Ultimately, they add an extra dimension of beauty and elegance to the living space.



Spot-on Lighting – Minimalist & Modern

Intentional spot lighting adds a powerful elegance to a space. This targeted form of lighting focuses on specific areas or objects, creating a focused visual effect. The clean lines and slim profiles of the spotlights blend seamlessly into modern interiors. Their unobtrusive nature allows the lighting to blend seamlessly into the space without overpowering it. Spotlighting can highlight artwork, architectural elements or design highlights and create an intimate atmosphere. Its adaptability allows light beams to be directed and shadows to be cast as needed. This minimalist type of lighting adds a contemporary touch to a space while maintaining a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.


Velvet – The Trendsetter Fabric

Velvet is also taking the design world by storm. With its luxurious texture and deep colors, velvet adds a touch of elegance and opulence to any room. From upholstery to cushions to draperies, velvet creates a rich and appealing aesthetic. Its versatility is evident in both modern and classic interior styles. Velvet reflects light in a unique way, making it an eye-catcher. In fact, the trend has gone so far as to include velvet in accessories such as lampshades and rugs. Its sensual feel and visual splendor add a touch of glamour to any room and provide a stylish accent that will stand the test of time.



Large Pictures & simple Picture Frames

Large paintings in simple frames are a timeless combination that puts the art first. This aesthetic creates a balanced visual impact where the artwork takes center stage. Simple frames in neutral colors or minimalist designs allow the eye to rest on the image and avoid visual overload. Large images draw attention and can serve as central statement pieces in spaces. The combination of expressive artwork and unobtrusive frames creates a modern, sophisticated atmosphere. This approach works with a variety of interior design styles and allows art to take center stage without distracting from the surroundings.




Less is More!

Even in the context of modern, high-quality home furnishings, the motto "less is more" embodies a contemporary approach. Clean lines, simple shapes and a focused selection of furniture and accessories create a luxurious yet understated aesthetic. Reduction to the essentials emphasizes quality and craftsmanship. Freedom and airy design create a sense of space and sophistication. Careful selection of materials, colors and textures create a harmonious balance. Each element is deliberately chosen to fit seamlessly into the overall context. This minimalist approach creates a serene yet stunning living environment that opens the space for comfort and beauty.