Small Accessories with a big Impact

It's not always the large furniture and furnishings that give a room its true style and character. The furnishing and presentation of rooms begins with the smallest objects - the decoration. The variety of home accessories is huge and the design possibilities are almost endless. Carefully selected items can underscore a style, set seasonal accents or add a personal touch. Home accessories reach their full potential when they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and functional.





A serving tray with a high-quality, minimalist look does not have to be relegated to the kitchen drawer when not in use, but can also be used as a stylish decorative tray. Not only glasses and snacks can be beautifully arranged on our serving tray DAVA, but also vases, candles or entire arrangements for seasonal occasions (you can find a DIY idea here). The tray looks especially good on coffee tables, dining tables or consoles.




L E A T H E R   S - H O O K

Whether in the entryway, bathroom or kitchen, hooks always look good and not only provide structure and order to the room, but also a skillfully presented eye-catcher. Unlike wall hooks, our LEATHER S-HOOKS can be used flexibly and have their own unique look with the leather element. Depending on the color, they can be integrated into a wide variety of interior styles - from Scandi to Japandi Chic to Industrial.





While most coasters made of felt etc. don't look very attractive after a while and only fulfill their function, our coasters KIVA always look good - whether they are under a cup or a glass or not. And in combination with our candleholder NOA, the coaster quickly becomes a stylish candleholder that enhances any table setting and can be combined with other home accessories.