The Upgrade for your Advent Decoration

At Metallbude, we love versatility and multi-functionality - even when it comes to decorating. Our content creator and DIY Queen Sabrina has the perfect crafting tip for everyone who wants to give their Advent decorations that special something. Depending on its size, the woven clay wreath can be used as a table centerpiece, napkin ring, Christmas tree ornament or door wreath.

What you need:


How it goes:

  1. Knead the modeling clay until soft and roll out into a strand.


  1. Use the butter knife to divide the long strand into two strands of equal length and twist them together.


  1. Gently press the ends together with your fingers and glue them together with a little water. Tip: Any cracks can also be repaired with a little water.


  1. Allow the resulting wreath to air dry for at least 24 hours. It can then be used directly or additionally painted with acrylic paint.

Have fun imitating!