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ester & erik

Color: Ivory
Made from high-quality paraffin wax, these hand-poured candles from the Danish brand ester & erik not only have a classic, linear look, but are also soot-free and self-extinguishing. The tapered base of the candles is perfectly sized to fit our minimalist NOA metal candle holder.
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Candle: 100% pure, unscented paraffin Wax
Wick: 100% Cotton

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STABKERZEN (2er Set) - Metallbude

Simple Stick Candles for your metal Candle Holder

The hand-poured, soot-free and self-extinguishing taper candles from the Danish brand ester & erik are a great choice for any candle holder with their classic, linear shape. The high-quality candles combine aesthetic design and practical features, making them an ideal addition to any room decoration. The handcrafted molding technique ensures a consistent shape and high-quality finish. Each candle is made with great care to ensure a high-quality end product. By using high-quality materials, these pillar candles burn soot-free and provide a clean and clear atmosphere. The self-extinguishing effect is a decisive advantage of the pillar candles. Once the candle has burned to a certain point, it extinguishes itself. This minimizes the risk of uncontrolled fires and ensures safe use. The classic linear shape of the pillar candles fits perfectly with various types of candle holders.

STABKERZEN (2er Set) - Metallbude

Metal meets high-quality Stick Candles

The stick candles are the perfect complement to our minimalist metal candle holder NOA. The candle holder NOA is a high-quality home accessory made of powder-coated metal. With its simple yet appealing design, it blends seamlessly into modern interiors and embodies minimalism and elegance in its purest form. The candle holder NOA is not only characterized by its robust construction made of high-quality metal, but also by its aesthetically pleasing appearance. The unique surface and clear design language give it a contemporary and modern look. Thanks to the powder coating, the candle holder is also scratch-resistant and durable. Another highlight of the candle holder NOA is its magnetic feature. A strong magnet allows the whipped candles to be securely attached to the holder without the need for additional holders or candlesticks. This creates a clean and minimalist aesthetic that fits perfectly into a modern interior. Whether in the living room, bedroom or on the dining table, the metal candle holder NOA adds a warm and inviting atmosphere to any room.

How can we help?


How long does each candle burn?

Our high-quality, handmade stick candles from the Danish brand ester & erik, which are available in different colors in our shop, have a burning time of about 9 hours.

Is the diameter of the stick candles suitable for the metal candle holders?

The candlesticks are 26mm in diameter and shaped to be exactly 22mm at the end to fit our minimalist NOA metal candle holder.

How many candles are available?

The handmade, high-quality stick candles from the Danish brand ester & erik are available in our shop in different colors in sets of 2. The candles are not available individually.

Are the candles unscented?

Both stick candles and whip candles are made from high-quality, unscented paraffin wax. The decorative candle products are therefore not scented candles.

What products go well with the candlesticks?

Combine our candle holder NOA with the coaster KIVA (corresponds to NOA S) or the decorative tray SIVA (corresponds to NOA L) to create a stylish home accessory that will blend harmoniously into your interior all year round.

Customer Reviews

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Schöne Bügel - leider aus Plastik

Die Form und Verarbeitung der Kleiderbügel ist super. Ich hatte allerdings etwas schwerere Bügel aus Metall erwartet und diese sind leider aus Plastik. Sehen trotzdem sehr schön aus.

Super Kauf

Wunderschön und haltbar