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Color: Black
The minimalist, elegantly shaped shoehorn TILO made of high-quality metal combines functionality and aesthetics. Its slim shape and clean lines blend seamlessly into modern interiors and add a stylish accent. Its minimalist design emphasizes practicality and enhances visual appeal. The metal structure makes it easy to handle, while the powder-coated finish gives it a pleasant feel.
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Fine structured powder coating

Dimensions S:
Width: 4,5 cm ; Length: 25 cm ; Height: 0,2 cm
Dimensions L:
Width: 4,7 cm ; Length: 50 cm ; Height: 0,2 cm

Weight S: 154 g
Weight L: 325 g

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Color Sample
Complement the look

Modern Shoehorn for your Shoe Rack

A modern shoehorn is not only a practical accessory, but also a stylish addition to your shoe rack. With clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic, it combines functionality with modern design. Its slim shapes and high quality materials make it an eye-catcher in any room. This shoehorn fits perfectly into modern living concepts, be it in the entrance area or in the walk-in closet. Its practicality is undeniable - it makes it easier to put on your shoes and protects them at the same time. At the same time, it adds a contemporary touch that elegantly combines form and function. A modern shoehorn is not only a useful tool, but also a design element that gives your shoe rack a modern and attractive atmosphere.

Schuhanzieher aus Metall in Weiß von Metallbude

High-quality Metal Shoehorn

The minimalist, elegantly shaped shoehorn made of high-quality metal embodies the synthesis of functionality and aesthetic sophistication. Its slim design and clean lines blend seamlessly into modern interiors, adding a stylish accent. The powder coating not only provides a pleasant surface, but also protects the metal from scratches and wear, ensuring that the shoehorn retains its timeless elegance. Its minimalist design highlights practicality without sacrificing visual appeal. The metal structure allows for easy handling, while the powder-coated finish gives it a pleasant feel. This shoehorn is not only a functional utensil, but also an aesthetic statement that combines the values of form and function in an elegant design. It embodies the art of reduction and conveys a sense of timeless class with every use.

How can we help?


How is the metal shoehorn TILO different from traditional shoehorns?

Our shoehorn TILO is made of high-quality powder-coated metal and is not only elegant, but also easy and practical to use. The metal doesn't bend when you put on your shoes, but provides exactly the right support and stability so that you can easily slip into your shoes.

What is the best way to care for the shoehorn TILO?

The powder-coated metal shoehorn doesn't require much care to maintain its durability and aesthetic qualities. Simply wipe the shoehorn periodically with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or rough sponges to avoid scratching the powder coating.

Does the shoehorn TILO come in different sizes or variations?

Our shoehorn TILO is available in two sizes: S (small) and L (large). The smaller version is extremely compact and handy, while the larger version allows you to put on your shoes without bending over and is therefore particularly back-friendly.

Can I use the metal shoehorn on the go?

Thanks to its compact size, the smaller S version of the shoehorn is also ideal for traveling, such as in your luggage on vacation or business trips. Its slim shape and manageable weight make it an ideal addition to any minimalist luggage.

Can the shoehorn TILO also be used for narrow shoes?

Due to the stability of the metal material, the minimalist shoehorn is also suitable for more narrow shoes. The shoehorn doesn't bend during this time, but rather provides the necessary support.

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Endlich ein Schuhanzieher, der nicht mehr verbiegt.

Dieter Hoppe
TILO (beide Größen) in top Qualität

Schuhlöffel passen perfekt zu Garderoben-Möbel von Metallbude