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The kitchen roll holder IVANA is made of high-quality, powder-coated metal and combines minimalism and elegance, providing not only a practical storage solution, but also an aesthetic element in any modern kitchen. Its timeless design blends seamlessly with any kitchen setting and the clean lines and subtle design ensure an unobtrusive presence that enhances your countertop. Thoughtfully designed for convenience, the IVANA kitchen roll holder fits standard kitchen rolls perfectly and ensures easy removal without unnecessary effort.

For reference: The kitchen roll pictured has a height of 26 cm. The accessories shown are not included in the scope of delivery.

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Height: approx. 30 cm, Diameter: approx. 18.4 cm

approx. 0.9 kg

Fine structured powder coating

For reference: The kitchen roll pictured has a height of 26 cm.

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Color Sample
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Black White Cashew

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Black White Cashew

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High-quality metal Kitchen Roll Holder

A durable and modern kitchen roll holder made from high-quality metal is a must-have accessory for any kitchen. The sturdy construction ensures stability and long-lasting use, while the metal material adds a sleek and contemporary look. This practical holder provides easy access to kitchen rolls, preventing them from lying around or getting dirty. The sleek design effortlessly blends into different kitchen interiors, whether contemporary or traditional. Metal is a resilient material that is also easy to clean, ensuring optimal hygiene in the kitchen. The additional powder coating creates a tough layer that protects the metal from scratches, rust and wear, significantly extending the life of the holder. In addition, the powder coating provides some heat resistance, so the holder can be used near cooking areas or hot surfaces without damaging the material. A high-quality metal paper towel holder can be placed anywhere on the countertop to create or save valuable space. It provides easy access to paper towels while cooking or cleaning up and gives the kitchen a professional and organized look.


Kitchen Roll Holder for your Minimalist Kitchen

A kitchen roll holder in a minimalist kitchen elegantly combines functionality and aesthetics. With its reduced design, it fits perfectly into a minimalist interior and contributes to a organized atmosphere. The metal frame makes it easy to remove kitchen rolls without drawing attention to yourself. This holder fits into your kitchen discreetly without being overly present. Metal enhances the modern aesthetic while providing stability and durability. A kitchen roll holder with a minimalist design adds clean aesthetics to your kitchen while providing convenient and hygienic handling of kitchen rolls. Its sleek design and practical functionality make it an ideal addition to a modern and minimalist kitchen. Color choice for a kitchen depends on the existing furnishings and the desired style of the kitchen. Each color can affect the room in different ways and create a certain atmosphere. A black paper towel holder adds a modern and elegant touch to the kitchen. A white paper towel holder radiates cleanliness, brightness and lightness. And a beige paper towel holder brings warmth and a natural feel to the room.

How can we help?


What type of material is used for the kitchen roll holder IVANA?

Our paper towel holder IVANA is made of high quality powder coated steel. This material is characterized by its robustness, durability and attractive appearance. The finely textured steel not only gives the paper towel holder a high-quality look, but also makes it resistant to everyday wear and tear. The powder coating gives the steel a smooth surface and provides a protective layer against scratches, rust and wear.

Does the metal kitchen roll holder fit all standard kitchen roll sizes?

The metal paper towel holder is intended to fit standard paper towel sizes. Most paper towels have a standard width and size, and the paper towel holder is designed to easily accommodate these rolls. The holder provides a universal fit to ensure that the paper towel remains steady and easily accessible.

Can the kitchen roll holder IVANA also be used outside the kitchen?

Looking for a practical way to keep rolled materials, such as paper or towels, organized and easily accessible? The kitchen roll holder IVANA provides a versatile option that can extend beyond just the kitchen. It can be used in the bathroom to keep toilet paper within reach, and in workshops or craft rooms to provide rolls of paper or cloths for cleaning.

Is the kitchen roll holder easy to clean?

Yes, a kitchen roll holder made of powder-coated metal is usually easy to clean. The powder coating creates a smooth, sealed surface that makes it difficult for dirt and debris to penetrate. Dirt such as grease stains, dust or splashes can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth or a mild detergent. The smooth surface prevents dirt particles from settling and makes maintenance easier. However, to avoid damaging the surface, avoid using abrasive cleaners or sponges.

Are there different color options for the kitchen roll holder IVANA?

Yes, our kitchen roll holder IVANA is available in black, white, and beige, allowing you to coordinate with the color scheme and style of your kitchen. Black offers a modern and sleek touch, white gives cleanliness and brightness, while beige brings warmth and natural look to the room. The various color options enable you to select a kitchen roll holder that not only complements your kitchen's design but also serves practical purposes.

Customer Reviews

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Frau Isabella Riske
Tolle Qualität

Hochwertiger Küchenrollenhalter, den ich allerdings als Toilettenpapierhalter benutze! Super Qualität!

Inka S.
Schön und wertig

Alles gut

Katja Hahn

Gute stabile Qualität, sieht gut aus in der Küche

Kerstin Spilker

Kommt gut in meiner Küche

Eva S
Schön & schwer

Steht stabil aufgrund des Gewichts und sieht sehr schön, schlicht, aber besonders aus