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Scope of Delivery

1x KORSINA baby cradle
1x mattress for ROBE MOSES BASKET


With our KORSINA set you can be sure that your baby will not only sleep in style, but also safely and comfortably. It combines high-quality craftsmanship, timeless design and functional elements to create a perfect sleeping environment for your baby.

The reduced-price set includes a KORSINA metal baby cradle in black, white or cashew (beige), a ROBE MOSES BASKET in your desired color and a matching mattress (free of charge) .

The accessories shown are not included in the scope of delivery.

Product Details

Material: sheet steel (shelf), steel tube

Dimensions: Height: 80 cm, Width: 44 cm, Length: 77 cm

Inner basket dimensions: width: 41 cm, length: 74 cm

Weight: 9.5kg

Coating: Fine-structured powder coating

Load capacity: 45 kg

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Color Pattern

Baby cradle complete set - stylish and practical at the same time

Our product set consists of a delicate, handmade baby cradle made of high-quality metal, a beautiful Moses basket and the matching mattress that is perfectly coordinated with it. This cradle set offers everything you need for a safe and comfortable place to sleep for your baby. The KORSINA baby cradle impresses with its high-quality workmanship and delicate design. Each welding was carefully carried out by hand to create a delicate yet functional piece of metal furniture. The high-quality metal ensures stability and durability, while the gentle curves and narrow tubes add a touch of elegance to the room. The Moses basket offers your baby a cozy and protected sleeping environment. The organic cotton gives it a charming and timeless look. With its practical carrying handles, the Moses basket can be easily transported from one room to another, so your baby can always sleep in familiar surroundings. The right mattress ensures ergonomic and comfortable lying comfort. It was specially developed to optimally support your baby's spine and promote healthy growth. Made from high quality materials, it provides a soft yet stable base for a restful sleep.

Modern metal baby cradle for your baby

A modern metal baby cradle offers numerous advantages for your baby and becomes a stylish addition to your children's room furnishings. The KORSINA baby cradle is characterized by its timeless aesthetics, longevity and high quality. The metal construction ensures stability and safety for your baby, which is also proven by the TÜV certification. The cradle is sturdy enough to support the child's weight and provides a safe sleeping environment. The cradle set combines modern design, comfort and safety to create a comfortable sleeping place for your baby. It not only offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also a cozy retreat for your child. The calming effect of the rocking motion is often compared to gently rocking in someone's arms. This rocking movement gives the baby a feeling of closeness and has a soothing effect. Our metal baby cradle KORSINA is also designed so that the cradle movement can occur both from the outside through gentle nudging and through the baby's natural body movements. This means that unwanted waking phases can be avoided or shortened, as the baby sometimes rocks itself to sleep on its own.

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Which products does the baby cradle complete set include?

Our high-quality metal baby cradle KORSINA in a minimalist design is available as a practical, reduced-price bundle. In addition to the delicate metal baby cradle in black, white or beige (cashews), the set includes a ROBE MOSES BASKET in your desired color and the matching mattress.

Up to what age can the metal baby cradle be used for my baby?

When using a classic baby cradle, it is generally recommended that a baby should only be placed in it until around 6 months of age, as from this point on they will begin to roll over or even sit up on their own. For safety reasons, we would like to ask you to also follow this recommendation when using our KORSINA baby cradle.

How is the high-quality baby cradle delivered and assembled?

For those who would like to purchase our elegant metal baby cradle or give it as a gift, assembling the beautiful metal furniture is no problem: the KORSINA baby cradle is delivered completely welded, so no assembly using screws or similar is required. The cradle is therefore ready for immediate use and can also be equipped directly thanks to the baby cradle complete set.

Why is a Moses basket good for your baby?

A Moses basket offers your baby a comfortable and safe place to sleep, which gives him a feeling of security and the peace and quiet he needs in the first weeks and months. Another advantage is the mobility of the Moses basket, which can be easily taken anywhere so that your baby can always stay in its familiar sleeping environment.

Is the mattress in the Moses basket tailored to the baby's back?

An ergonomically designed mattress is crucial for a restful sleep and the health of your baby's back. Our Moses basket mattress also provides optimal support and ensures proper spinal alignment, which contributes to healthy growth.

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