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Our minimalist wooden magnets ELA are the perfect complement to your magnetic board or fridge. Thanks to the wooden handle, they are easy to remove and keep your postcards, shopping lists and photos in place.

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Round: Ø 14 mm, Height: 17 mm


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Premium Wooden Magnets for your Memories

The aesthetically minimalist magnets ELA made of high-quality wood are a wonderful addition to a modern, functional interior. Their simple design and the natural texture of the wood add a warm and organic feel to any space. The magnets are not only practical tools for attaching notes, photos or reminders, but also an eye-catcher on any metallic surface. Thanks to their versatility, wooden magnets ELA can be used in different rooms and in different ways: In the kitchen, for example, the magnets can be used to hang shopping lists, postcards or children's pictures on the refrigerator. In the study, they can be used to organize important documents or as an inspiring board for creative ideas. In the bedroom, they can be used as a stylish alternative to traditional picture frames to display photos or artwork on the wall. The natural beauty of wood blends well with modern materials such as metal and glass.

The right Wooden Magnets for your Magnetic Board

By using the minimalist wooden magnets ELA, you can create a subtle contrast while maintaining a calm and balanced atmosphere. The small wooden magnets look especially good on our modern, minimalist metal magnetic board TAVO. The minimalist design of the magnetic board gives any room a modern and appealing flair. Its versatility makes it a practical and stylish element for everyday organization and planning. Thanks to its powder-coated magnetic surface, notes, photos and other important documents can be quickly and easily attached to the wooden magnets without the need for glue or other fasteners. It is also a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional notepads or sticky notes. Whether in the office, living room, hallway or kitchen, with the metal magnetic board TAVO and the aesthetic wooden magnets ELA, you can keep track of everything important and never forget a to-do.

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Are the wooden magnets ELA only available as a set?

The minimalist wooden magnets ELA by Metallbude are a practical addition to the range of metal home accessories. The timelessly designed magnets come in sets of four. It is not possible to purchase individual magnets.

Will the wooden magnets stick to Metallbude's metal furniture?

Metallbude's furniture and home accessories are made of high-quality steel and finished with a finely textured powder coating. Steel has the property of being magnetic. This means that all Metallbude products are compatible with the wooden magnets ELA.

How many wooden magnets are in a set?

The wooden magnets ELA, which are an eye-catcher on any magnetic board, are available in our shop in a set of 4. The magnets are not available as single items.

How strong are the modern magnets ELA?

The wooden magnets ELA are primarily intended for use with our branded magnetic board. The material and the powder-coated surface give the wooden magnets a strong magnetic effect, so that photo paper, postcards, etc. can be held reliably in addition to normal paper.

Which products do the wooden magnets go with?

In combination with the magnetic board TAVO, the wooden magnets ELA create a harmonious interplay and an exciting material mix of metal and wood. The material and the powder-coated surface enhance the magnetic power of the magnets.

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Great design and workmanship!

The magnets are great and fit the magnetic board wonderfully. It now decorates a wall in our kitchen.

Carina K.
Mega strong magnets

Strong and chic - that's how it should be