Towel hook MILO (set of 2)

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The minimalist towel hook MILO made of powder-coated metal elegantly combines function and aesthetics. The clear shape and the simple design fit seamlessly into any modern bathroom interior. Constructed of high-quality metal and finished with a durable powder-coated finish, these hooks provide a sturdy and reliable hanging solution for towels, robes and more.

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Product details

Steel pipe

Height: 3cm Width: 1.5cm Depth: 3cm

About 0.1kg


Powder coating, finely structured

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Metal towel hook for a modern bathroom

With our metal towel hooks you achieve a successful symbiosis of functionality and modern design that gives your bathroom a contemporary and stylish atmosphere. Towel hooks offer a practical storage solution for towels and bathrobes. They allow the textiles to be hung up and dried properly, which promotes hygiene. In contrast to towel rails, towel hooks take up less space. They are ideal for small bathrooms where efficient use of space is important. Being able to be placed in different places in the bathroom depending on your needs, they offer a flexible solution for storage and thus also contribute to the visual harmony of the room as the wall hooks blend seamlessly into the overall picture. The powder-coated metal towel hooks are an extra durable and water-resistant solution that can contribute to a well-organized and stylish bathroom. The powder coating forms a protective layer on the metal that protects against scratches, rust and other damage. This greatly extends the life of the hooks.

Timeless elegance for your bathroom: Discover our high-quality metal towel hooks

Our metal towel hooks are the perfect addition to a modern bathroom. Made of high-quality metal, the minimalist towel hooks radiate robustness and durability and give every bathroom a timeless, understated elegance. Its well thought-out design combines functionality with aesthetic appeal - an ideal combination for modern interiors. The smooth surface and clean lines of the hooks perfectly match different styles, from minimalist to industrial. Easy to assemble, the hooks offer a practical and space-saving storage solution for towels and bathrobes without losing visual focus. The minimalist design and clean lines fit seamlessly into modern interior styles. The simple color scheme blends harmoniously into a variety of color palettes. Speaking of color, unlike towel hooks made from other materials, our powder-coated metal hooks don't tend to rub off on towels or leave color residue. The smooth powder-coated surface makes the hooks easy to clean. A simple wipe is often enough to remove dirt and dust.

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How much weight can the oval metal towel hook hold and is it suitable for heavy towels?

Our towel hooks are attached to the wall and can carry a weight of around 7.5 kilograms. This makes the wall hook suitable for a wide variety of applications, be it for towels, clothing or bathrobes and other everyday objects.

Is the metal towel hook rust resistant and suitable for humid environments such as bathrooms?

The high-quality metal towel hook is perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of a bathroom or toilet. Its finely structured powder coating and seamless welding allow optimal resistance to the conditions of the room. Even humidity is not a problem because the wall hook is water-repellent and has rust-proof properties.

How is the towel hook for the wall mounted?

The modern, minimalist towel hook is quick and easy to attach. The hook is attached to the wall with the help of drill holes and dowels and then firmly fixed with threaded pins. The product includes clear assembly instructions with pictures and all the necessary accessories.

How do I maintain the oval metal towel hook to ensure long-lasting quality?

With regular and gentle care, you can ensure that your powder-coated metal towel hook stays in top condition and retains its aesthetics for a long time. Periodically wipe the towel hook with a soft, slightly damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. If necessary, only use mild detergents. Avoid harsh chemicals, abrasives, and harsh sponges that could damage the powder coating.

What color options are available for the oval metal towel hook to match the decor?

The choice of color depends on your individual furnishing style and the mood you want in the bathroom. Each color has its own characteristics and can affect the overall look of the room. A black towel hook gives the bathroom an elegant and modern atmosphere. A towel hook in white radiates cleanliness and freshness and brings lightness into the room. In beige, it conveys a warm and cozy atmosphere. This shade goes well with natural materials and can bring an earthy elegance to the room.

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