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The ESTINA towel ladder , designed in a minimalist style and with high-quality workmanship, asserts itself as a functional design element in every room. Best of all, no drilling is required. The modern construction made of sturdy round steel is ready for immediate use and offers space for at least three large towels.  

The accessories shown are not included in the scope of delivery. This includes only the towel ladder. The leather S hooks can be purchased separately in the shop.

Product details

Round steel (solid material), thermoplastic rubber (non-slip plugs)

Height: 180cm, width: 55cm

4 kg

Fine structure powder coating

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LEATHER S-HAKEN (set of 3/6)
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Modern towel ladder made of high-quality metal

The modern, minimalist ESTINA towel ladder made of high-quality metal offers a multitude of advantages for practical and aesthetic use in the bathroom. The slim, open design ensures a space-saving solution and is therefore ideal for smaller bathrooms or guest toilets. The ladder makes it possible to hang up towels or items of clothing easily and tidily, so that they are always within reach. By adding the leather S-hooks from our range, other utensils can also be stored in a space-saving, aesthetic and ready-to-hand manner. The use of metal as a construction material gives our ESTINA towel ladder high stability and durability. It can also easily carry larger towels without bending or breaking. In addition, the metal is resistant to moisture and rust, which is ideal for use in the bathroom or other rooms with high humidity. Another advantage of modern metal furniture is the powder coating of the metal. This coating provides a surface that is easy to clean and protects against scratches and scuffs.

Versatile towel ladder for your bathroom

In addition to its main function as a towel holder, our modern towel ladder ESTINA can also be used in a variety of alternative ways. Here are some ideas: 1. Clothes Rack: The metal towel ladder can be used as a stylish clothes rack. This gives your room a modern touch and provides practical storage for clothes. 2. Decorative ladder: ESTINA can also serve as a decorative element in the room. For example in connection with plants, fairy lights or other hanging decorations. This creates an interesting eye-catcher and a unique design element. 3. Bookshelf: Place books or magazines on the rungs of the towel ladder to create a small bookshelf. This is a space-saving way to display books in the living space while maintaining a modern and minimalist design.4. Towel Warmer: Our metal towel ladder can also act as a towel warmer. By positioning it near a heat source such as a radiator or underfloor heating, towels can be warmed up quickly and efficiently to give you a comfortable feeling after a bath or shower.

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How many towels fit on the metal towel ladder ESTINA?

The great advantage of our high quality metal towel ladder is that the towel rack consists of several struts or bars at once and thus offers generous possibilities for hanging towels and other everyday things. Depending on the size and folding of the towels, there is room for about four towels.

How to deliver and assemble the metal towel ladder?

Like most of our metal furniture and home accessories, the ESTINA towel ladder does not require assembly. The modern alternative to the classic towel rack is completely welded together and therefore does not require any screw fittings or the like. The towel ladder is thus delivered in one piece and can be immediately placed in the bathroom or any other room.

Does the sturdy metal towel ladder need to be attached to the wall?

Unlike most towel racks, our modern metal towel ladder is neither drilled nor glued into place. Instead, this leans against the desired wall and offers in this way sufficient possibilities for hanging towels or other practical bathroom utensils - e.g. by means of our high-quality leather S-hooks.

What are the advantages of the towel ladder in black for me?

Towel ladder ESTINA made of high quality metal is available in black, white and beige (cashew). In the black version, the minimalist towel rail sets highlights in any bathroom and creates a modern look. Regardless of the color, our high-quality towel ladder is coated with a fine-textured powder, which gives the metal furniture an easy-care and scratch-resistant surface.

Is the metal towel ladder only suitable for the bathroom?

In particular, our design philosophy is that our metal furniture and modern home accessories are not only aesthetic, but also functional. This also means that they are versatile and can be customized. Our high-quality ESTINA towel ladder can therefore also be used outside the bathroom - whether as a decorative ladder, room divider or plant ladder.

Customer reviews

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Valeriya Kraus
Good quality

Nice workmanship


Elegant ladder. Super stable and perfect for clothing.

Metal towel rail black

Great towel holder. I don't want to miss him anymore. Very good quality and beautiful design.

Regula Hofstetter


Patrick Schumacher

Everything perfect. Nice product, fast delivery

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