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Wine rack for the wall

Wine lovers know it: Wine bottles are scattered everywhere, in the kitchen, in the living room and in the cellar. And even those who only have a few bottles of wine at home often lack the space to store wine. A wine rack for the wall offers a simple solution. These shelves are not only extremely space-saving, they also enable stylish and clear storage of the wine bottles.

Wine racks on the wall: space-saving storage with a special look

With a wine rack for the wall, you can do without annoying, unsightly and space-consuming wine crates and boxes and you don't need a wine cabinet that takes up a lot of space. Because with a wine rack for the wall, space can be used that would otherwise remain unused. An optimal solution – not only for small apartments.

In addition, a wine rack for the wall ensures that you can get the right bottle out in no time at all. You no longer have to wade through a smorgasbord of bottles to find the right wine to go with your meal or to offer a glass to your friends. Because in a wine rack for the wall you can store your wine clearly and the right wine is ready to hand and found effortlessly.

A wine rack for the wall is also a great decorative piece and an absolute eye-catcher in the kitchen or living room, with which you can present your wines in a particularly beautiful way.

Wine rack for the wall in different designs

Wine racks for the wall are as diverse as the wine itself. There is the right model for every wine lover: there are wine racks for the wall made of wood, metal, plastic or with glass elements for a classic or modern look and in a rustic or playful look.

Wine rack for the wall allows bottles to float

The structure is simple: a board that is fixed to the wall, on top of that another board that protrudes from the wall at a 90-degree angle and has holes. Here the bottlenecks are inserted and the rest of the bottle is playfully floating in the air. Depending on how the hole is drilled, the bottles float horizontally or at an angle.

Wine rack for the wall: store bottles horizontally

With this model, a back panel or a rod is also attached to the wall. There are several boards or poles on top of each other, on which the wine bottles are stored lying down. Of course, boards and bars are shaped in such a way that the bottles cannot roll down. Depending on the model, there is space for one, two or three bottles on one level. An alternative are wine racks, where two rods are attached to the wall in such a way that the wine bottle can rest on the brackets at both ends.

Classic shelf as a wine rack for the wall

If you prefer to store your wine upright, you can opt for a shelf on which the wine bottles are placed side by side. On the underside of the board there are often specially shaped notches in which wine glasses can be hung upside down.

Wine rack for the wall made of individual holders for more individuality

Individual holders, which are mounted in a circle or on top of each other and each hold a bottle, offer a great deal of individuality and scope for the look of the wine rack. Because there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to arranging them on the wall. If you decide to assemble it in a circle, you can place a clockwork with hands in the middle and with twelve bottles you have a particularly great clock that is a real eye-catcher.

Wine rack for the wall: framed bottles

In addition to the open models, there are wall-mounted wine racks that have a board on the sides, top and bottom and are fitted with shelves or holders on which the bottles are stored lying flat. They are reminiscent of a letter case and, like this, ensure that the bottles are given an optical frame and are presented in a special way.

Wall mounted wine rack by Metallbude

The wine racks from Metallbude are suitable for your wine cellar, your kitchen or your living area. Thanks to the black powder coating, they fit perfectly into an industrial style living room and the geometric design into a minimalist interior. With our wine rack for the wall, wine storage is possible in a small space and your valuable wines get a stable and stylish place. The horizontal, slightly sloping position also benefits your wine and improves its quality.

Metallbude: High-quality furniture in black and white

Metallbude offers metal furniture in a minimalist, modern design that goes well with the trendy industrial style or a black and white interior . All pieces are designed by ourselves and produced in Germany and Europe with high quality and by hand. Depending on the product, you can specify individual dimensions or choose the color white. In addition, our products are delivered free of charge in Germany from 150 €.

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