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Shoe racks in white - modern and clean with plenty of space for your shoes

Whether in the hallway or in the bedroom , shoe racks are a practical and space-saving solution to store your shoes visibly and neatly. White shoe racks are particularly popular because their light color sets accents in smaller and darker rooms and brightens them up visually. You can find out here which white shoe rack suits you and your furnishing style, the advantages of a white shoe rack and what you should pay attention to.

Why a shoe rack and why a white metal one?

Shoe racks are characterized by their openness. Unlike shoe cabinets, they have no doors or drawers. The shoes are placed visibly on the shelf. Shoe racks are very popular for several reasons:

  • Shoe racks are open, which means the shoes are always well ventilated and moisture cannot accumulate.
  • Shoe racks take up less space than dressers because they don't have doors or drawers that take up extra space.
  • Shoe racks require little material and are easier to set up than shoe cabinets.
  • Shoe racks always offer a complete overview of all shoes. No more annoying rummaging or rummaging!
  • Shoe racks are a great way to showcase your shoes, especially for shoe lovers who want to present them.

Thanks to their colour, white shoe racks bring brightness to rooms that are usually rather dark or smaller, such as a hallway. But white shoe racks also stand out in large, bright rooms. They loosen up the atmosphere and are neutral. They can be combined very well with almost all other colors and styles.

Which furnishing styles do white shoe racks go particularly well with?

The white shoe racks from Metallbude are compatible with different furnishing styles. Our white metal shoe racks fit particularly well into minimalism, because they do not require a lot of frills and shine with a clean design. A white shoe rack also goes very well with the maritime style, because shades of blue harmonize perfectly with white. Of course, white shoe racks can also be perfectly integrated into the patchwork style, in which many and very different pieces of furniture are combined according to personal preference. White metal shoe racks can also be optimally integrated into the Scandi style.

Tip : If you are furnishing your apartment in the Japandi style , we recommend a shoe rack in black. That creates a great contrast.

In terms of color, white shoe racks go with all colors, but there are colors that make particularly beautiful combinations. Use light colors in the hallway to make it look larger. A sunny yellow or a light green is ideal for the courageous. But pastel shades can also be wonderfully combined.

You should pay attention to this when buying shoe racks in white

If you have decided to buy a white metal shoe rack, you can be happy about one thing for sure: you will have little cleaning effort, because once the shelves are sealed, it is enough to simply wipe them down with a wet cloth or a mild detergent . Make sure that your shoe rack really meets your needs and the number of shoes you have. The rule here is: Better too much space than too little, because stuffing shoes into the shelf doesn't look particularly nice. We recommend a smaller shelf for four to six pairs of shoes. If you have more or want to place more, we recommend a medium-high shelf or even a shoe rack that covers the entire wall. It is best to attach this to the wall as well.

Buy white shoe racks at Metallbude

Metal shoe racks are stable, durable and in some cases can even be stacked. Depending on the space required and what is available, you can store even more shoes. As a perfect accompaniment to our shoe racks, a minimalist coat rack, which is attached above the shelf, is ideal for storing jackets and coats appropriately. Discover other products, such as white coffee tables or black wall shelves in our range and get the following benefits:

✔️Furniture in a modern and minimalist design

✔️High-quality workmanship

✔️In addition to metal furniture, you will also find combinations of metal and solid wood in our range.

✔️Depending on the product, you can also specify individual dimensions or choose colors. Please contact us about this.

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