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Metal shoe rack - so beautiful hallway furniture from Metallbude

A modern hallway design, for example, in industrial look or modern, minimalist, you can implement with simple elements: with a shoe rack made of black metal, black coat hooks and a metal bench, for example. In the assortment of Metalbude we have high quality metal shoe racks - in black industrial look or on request in other colors. Due to open designs and practical functionality, a black metal shelf fits even in small entrance areas.

Metal shoe rack - these variations are available

Metal shoe racks are available in different colors. Due to the frame made of metal, these are extremely robust. Low shoe racks are usually combined with a seat. Thus, the shoe rack can be used as a seat in the entrance and the shoes can be placed under the seat.

Higher models are sometimes mounted directly on the wall. You can display pairs of shoes as in a shoe store. It is also possible that the place for shoes is combined with a coat rack above with coat hooks and clothes rail. Interesting elements such as Metal clothes rails complete the look. Such special metal clothes rails can also be usedas a towel rack for the wall.

However, minimalist, angular and clean lines are also possible with a metal shoe rack. In our online store you can find especially on modern metal furniture in black with a light industrial flair, perfect to complement your industrial hallway furniture to complement.

Shoe racks made of black metal - this is what makes them so attractive and this is how you put them in scene

Black metal shoe racks can be perfectly combined with furniture and home accessories made of wood or wood and metal. This always looks elegant and stylish. If you are not a fan of wood or wood look, then work with contrasts and oppose the black elements of white.

In addition to choosing the right combination of furniture, the decoration and lighting concept must also be right. For example, you should combine a dark wooden chest of drawers with lighter furniture - such as an open shoe rack or a clothes rail, instead of a coat rack. Small, narrow hallways look larger with a generous mirror.

If the furniture is dark, choose a light wall color instead. Your favorite houseplant will also do well in the hallway, welcoming you each time you enter through the front door. If the hallway doesn't let in any light, you can not only bring light into the darkness with a lamp - an interesting socket and an unusual light bulb will also become an eye-catcher in your entrance area.

Finally, you should make sure that no piece of furniture looks cluttered: Your metal shoe rack should only hold your favorite shoes. That is, the shoes that you use every day. The rest of the shoes you can store in boxes in a closet. Also, be careful not to clutter up your coat rack or your coat hooks - one or two jackets, your favorite scarf, your handbag - that's all most people need handy in their daily lives.

Black metal shoe racks - design your own metal furniture

We create and manufacture the furniture of Metallbude in Germany and Europe. This not only guarantees high quality workmanship, it also means that we can take your special requests into account during the manufacturing process. If you want to buy a metal shoe cabinet in a special size or color, feel free to contact us. Together with you we will create your personal, modern piece of industrial furniture that fits perfectly into your entrance area and to you.

If you have already discovered your new shoe rack in our assortment, you can of course order immediately. From a value of goods of only 50 euros, we will send you your new piece of furniture free of shipping costs within Germany. We are looking forward to your order.