A rectangular coffee table as a stylish focal point for any living room

As a shelf for snacks and drinks, as a decorative highlight in the living room or simply to put your feet up after a long day at work - the rectangular coffee table is indispensable in the living room. A rectangular coffee table may not be the most eye-catching piece of furniture, but it can become a real eye-catcher as a living room table if you use and style it correctly in the room. Rectangular coffee tables belong to the sofa like the hen belongs to the egg. You can now find out how to skilfully stage your rectangular coffee table, what you should look out for when buying a rectangular coffee table, why you should decide on a rectangular coffee table in the first place and which selection Metallbude offers you.

Why a rectangular coffee table?

Even if it seems to go under next to dining tables or kitchen tables because of its size, a rectangular coffee table has many advantages. It serves as a shelf for drinks, snacks, the remote control or decorative elements such as coffee table books or flower vases. Depending on the material and style, it can also become a decorative element itself, for example by opting for a mix of metal in the base and a solid wood top.

In contrast to round coffee tables, rectangular coffee tables have the advantage that they go better with rectangular furniture. Most sofas or seating are in this shape, so rectangular coffee tables tend to be versatile. A straight line, as with a square or rectangular coffee table, is timelessly modern and can be integrated into many living styles. The rectangular shape of coffee tables is also one of the most popular shapes because - more than round coffee tables - it ensures elegance and visual harmony in the living area.

Rectangular coffee tables and how to use them correctly in the room

In order to properly stage a rectangular coffee table, you should consider a few things:

  • The right place: A coffee table is logically placed in front of the sofa. But the distance and the right placement are crucial here, because it must not be too close to the sofa to avoid injuries when getting up or sitting down, but still close enough to the couch to be able to use it comfortably as a shelf. The optimal distance is 45 to 50 centimeters between the couch and the table.
  • The right size: The perfect size of your coffee table always depends on the seat that goes with it. For straight two- or three-seater sofas, the table should measure no more than two-thirds the length of the couch and at least half the width of the sofa. With an L- or U-shaped couch, the table should not be longer than the leg dimensions.
  • The right material: Wooden coffee tables look natural and warm. Here you can choose between lacquered wood or natural wood. Materials made from local woods such as oak, cherry or beech are of high quality and sustainable thanks to their long service life. In combination with metal or also rectangular coffee tables made entirely of metal give the living room a noble touch. They score in colors like black or white.

Incorporate rectangular coffee tables into different styles

The style of your living room determines the type of coffee table. If you have a minimalist interior, such as Japandi style , we recommend a rectangular coffee table with a white metal frame and a natural wood top. In this way you avoid dark colors and the table blends in with the interior in a reserved manner. If your living room is furnished in an industrial style , a black metal table fits better. Here we would recommend a table set, such as the TRE SEMNIA X table set from Metallbude. This expands the coffee table with smaller side tables and maximizes the available space. If your living room is furnished in Scandi style, a wooden coffee table fits best. Stick to the colors white, beige and natural wood tones. Combine your table with a pretty carpet, a simple table lamp and matching decorations and it will become an eye-catcher in your living room.

Buy from Metallbude: rectangular coffee table for your feel-good room

You can get rectangular coffee tables in different sizes from Metallbude, so you can decide for yourself how much space you need to place your current book, remote control, coffee cups or other items on your rectangular coffee table. Whether it's a square coffee table, such as the DEVANA and DEVANA X models, or a rectangular coffee table, such as the TRE SEMNIA and TRE SEMNIA X table sets, you can't go wrong with buying a coffee table from Metallbude. Get even more benefits, such as

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