Raw Style: Discover the rustic elegance of sandblasted stainless steel


The RAW TYPED collection represents the unique fusion of rustic elegance and modern design through the use of sandblasted stainless steel. This technique gives the stainless steel a distinctive texture and a matte finish that is both attractive and functional. The combination of high-quality stainless steel with an artisanal sandblasting process creates products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer excellent grip. The rustic aesthetic of the sandblasted stainless steel gives the products in the collection a unique touch. Discover the timeless beauty and versatile possibilities of the so-called "Raw Style" and experience the special combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern style.


Timeless design – The Raw Style series offers long-lasting elegance for modern living spaces

The Raw Style embodies a timeless design concept that offers long-lasting elegance for modern living spaces. The use of sandblasted stainless steel combined with clean lines and minimalist shapes creates products that blend seamlessly into a variety of interior styles. The robustness and durability of stainless steel ensure long-term use without compromising on aesthetics. From smaller home accessories to larger furniture, the collection offers an exclusive selection of products that combine the beauty of rustic design with modern comfort. Each piece exudes timeless elegance and is destined to bring a touch of sophistication to living spaces for many years to come.


Furnishings in raw style

Raw style furnishings are characterized by their striking aesthetic and robust elegance. The use of sandblasted stainless steel gives these furniture and accessories a unique texture and matte finish that combines rustic charm with modern design. Whether it's a tray, vase or table, the raw style offers a versatile selection of furnishings for every room. These products exude a timeless appeal and add a distinctive touch of authenticity and style to the living space.

Industrial chic: The new Raw Style Collection for modern living spaces

The new Raw Style collection presents an exciting fusion of industrial aesthetics and contemporary chic for modern living spaces. The use of sandblasted stainless steel creates furniture and decorations that are both robust and elegant. This collection offers a selection of products that fit from the urban loft to the minimalist living space. With clean lines, striking textures and a matte finish, the pieces exude a rough yet sophisticated charm and offer a variety of options to add a touch of industrial elegance to any room.


Coffee tables and side tables: The indispensable elements of the Raw Style Collection for a perfect living concept

The coffee table and side table are essential elements of the RAW TYPES collection that complete a perfect living concept. With their striking designs and the use of sandblasted stainless steel, they add a rustic elegance to any room. These tables not only offer a robust surface for displaying decorative items, but also serve as functional focal points for social gatherings or relaxation. Their clean lines and minimalist shapes fit perfectly with different interior styles and create a harmonious atmosphere. Whether as a central eye-catcher in the living room or as a practical storage space next to the sofa or bed, the coffee table and side table in Raw Style combine style and functionality in a unique way.


Stainless steel vase and decorative tray: modern & minimalist

The stainless steel vase and decorative tray from the collection embody modern minimalism in its purest form. Through the use of sandblasted stainless steel, these accessories exude a timeless elegance that enhances any room. The clean lines and simple design make them versatile elements that can be seamlessly integrated into different interior styles. Whether as a decorative highlight on a side table or as a stylish addition to a shelf, the stainless steel vase and decorative tray add subtle sophistication to any room. Discover the beauty and versatility of these modern and minimalist accessories and give your living space timeless elegance.