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Metal lamps make every room shine

Metal lamps are shapely, elegant, visually very appealing and create a modern living atmosphere. Thanks to the variety of designs, metal lights fit into every room and every furnishing style. They find their place in an industrial style living room , in a modern office or serve as a bedside lamp in an industrial style bedroom.

The right metal lamp for every furnishing style

Metal lamps are made of aluminium, copper, brass or steel and there are puristic, classic and playful models. In this way, the right lamp can be found for every furnishing style.

  • Modern furnishing style : Lamps with shiny chrome go well with a modern furnishing style.
  • Country style : Luminaires in a bronze look with ornate metal decorations go well with the country style.
  • Vintage style : A metal lamp made of copper in the shape of a lantern gives the room a touch of nostalgia and therefore goes well with the vintage style.
  • Industrial style : Black metal luminaires are suitable for an industrial design interior.
  • Minimalistic living : Metal lights with a linear design go well with minimalist furnishing styles. Small, simple metal lamps with geometric shapes made of matt metal are discreetly reserved.
  • Historically pompous: Large chandeliers go well with pompous furnishings with expansive upholstered furniture, heavy carpets and velvet curtains reminiscent of historical castles and sumptuously furnished rooms.
  • Can be used individually: Lamps made of metal with a matt surface and in subtle colors such as white, beige or gray harmonize with any furnishing style.

Metal lamps: versatile thanks to the variety of shapes

Metal lamps not only convince as a perfect style element for different furnishing styles, but can also be used in different functions. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They can be used hanging from the ceiling, mounted on the wall or standing as a decorative or functional element to light up the room and put photos and furnishing elements such as black metal decoration in the right light.

Ceiling and pendant lights are often used above the dining table and provide functional light when eating. Floor lamps and table lamps, on the other hand, can be used more flexibly. They find their place on chests of drawers, serve as bedside lamps or illuminate the office as a desk lamp in the late or particularly early hours.

Metal lamps from Metallbude

The table lamps from Metallbude impress with their elegant and filigree design. With their minimalist appeal, they go perfectly with a metal bedside table or a black side table. Since they can be used without a cable thanks to the battery, they can be placed particularly flexibly. A socket nearby is not necessary and annoying and annoying cables do not have to be hidden at great expense. There are also no switches or cords to operate the lamp: it is operated by touching the lampshade. Special highlight: Thanks to the rechargeable battery solution, the metal lamps are suitable for outdoor use and even withstand heavy rain showers.

Metal lamps and more: Minimalist furniture at Metallbude

In addition to metal lamps, Metallbude offers other furniture that goes well with a minimalist interior. Metallbude products are of high quality and handcrafted in Germany and Europe and stand for modern and minimalist design. Depending on the product, individual dimensions can be specified or the color white can be selected so that the pieces of furniture match your own interior. From an order value of 150 EUR they are delivered free of charge in Germany.

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