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Loft furniture - industrial style in your own four walls

Loft furniture is clean, timeless and straightforward. They come with an extraordinary mix of wood and metal and in a reduced design and give your home industrial charm.

Loft furniture - wood and metal provide rough industrial charm

A loft is an apartment in a former factory building or in a former industrial building. The walls that separate the individual rooms are missing. Therefore, a loft is usually a large room. This is often characterized by high ceilings and a large, continuous window front.

So that the industrial charm of a loft is underlined by the furniture, loft furniture is made of wood, metal and leather.

Industrial-style furniture made of brushed wood or with natural wood edges gives the loft a rustic character, while fine-grained wood with a smooth surface is more elegant.

Metal is often combined with wood, for example as a table frame with a solid wood top. Iron or steel with a black finish or powder-coated is usually used.

Industrial design furniture can also be made entirely of metal: a locker as a wardrobe or chairs and tables made only of metal also underline the rough charm of the old industrial facility.

Brushed stainless steel or shiny chrome are suitable for setting special accents.

Loft furniture and co: This is how you conjure up the industrial style in your apartment

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