Metal Kitchen Furniture

Metal kitchen furniture – minimalist & modern


Metal kitchen furniture is an excellent choice for a minimalist and modern kitchen design. Their simple elegance and clear lines give the kitchen a contemporary flair and create a structured contrast to other elements such as wood or stone. Metal kitchen furniture in black or white in particular can create this striking contrast or reinforce a monochrome look. In order to emphasize the minimalist and modern character of the metal furniture, it is important to reduce the kitchen to the essentials and create a tidy atmosphere. Clean lines, subtle handles and thoughtful organization help to showcase the minimalist and modern charm of the metal furniture.


High-quality metal kitchen accessories


High-quality kitchen accessories made of powder-coated metal are a stylish addition to any kitchen. The powder coating gives the accessories a visually appealing and durable surface that is resistant to scratches, rust and wear. These properties make them durable and easy to clean. Fromcoastersabovebottle racksup toBar stools– Powder coated metal allows for a variety of designs and colors to match any kitchen decor. The robust construction and elegant appearance of the powder-coated metal kitchen accessories give the kitchen a modern and minimalist look, while at the same time being practical and functional.


Metal dishcloth holder for more order at the sink


TheDishcloth holder NIAmade of metal is a useful helper for everyday use in the kitchen. It ensures that a dishcloth or rag is within reach and stored hygienically. The minimalist design of the dishcloth holder allows for efficient use of the limited workspace in the kitchen. By hanging the dishcloth in a dedicated location, the work surface remains free of wet or dirty cloths, improving cleanliness and hygiene. The dishcloth is always at hand to clean up spills or wipe down surfaces. The NIA dishcloth holder impresses with its elegant and minimalist design, which makes it an eye-catcher on your sink.

Metal bar stool for your kitchen island


TheBar stool BARNIIndustrial style combines modern design and natural beauty. Made from high-quality metal and oak, it is a successful combination of striking industrial charm and natural elegance. The metal frame with its clear lines gives the bar stool a minimalist look and exudes robustness. A finely structured powder coating gives the piece of furniture additional durability. The seat made of naturally oiled oak complements the metal frame perfectly and brings warmth and naturalness to the room. The wood provides a pleasant feel and a cozy atmosphere. With its slim design, the BARNI bar stool fits harmoniously into any room and gives it an elegant touch.


Metal bottle rack and wine rack for the wall


The timelessWine rack VINIAMade of high-quality metal, it is an unobtrusive eye-catcher for a modern home, which not only saves space by being mounted vertically on the wall, but also enables optimal storage of your wine bottles. With its clear, simple design, it fits harmoniously into any interior style and gives the room an elegant touch. The metal of the wine rack not only ensures stability and durability, but also gives the shelf an elegant look. The wine rack not only offers functional storage for wine bottles, but is also a decorative element. The bottles presented become eye-catchers and can be presented stylishly. The minimalist design does not distract from the beauty of the bottles, but rather highlights them in a stylish way.


High quality metal feeding bowls for dogs


A high-quality metal feeding station (MIKAorMIXI) is an elegant and attractive solution to seamlessly integrate pets into your kitchen space. With its minimalist and modern design, it fits harmoniously into the overall picture of a contemporary interior. In contrast to conventional feeding stations, which often appear bulky and eye-catching, our feeding station offers a simple and straightforward design. We therefore offer an alternative to overloaded and disruptive dog furniture, which can affect your personal furnishing style. The feeding station is available in black and white and has a high-quality, finely structured powder coating. This means that it not only fulfills its function for the pet, but also contributes aesthetically to a stylish home.