Industrial style clothes rail

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Industrial style clothes rail - Rustic and minimalist influences for your interior

The industrial style stands for loft charm and industrial influences and these are not only reflected in open brick walls or muted earthy tones, the furniture should also be selected to match. A clothes rail in the industrial style from Metallbude is a perfect complement to harsh leather sofas and untreated wood. You can now find out why it has to be an industrial-style clothes rail, what different designs there are and how you can properly stage your industrial-style clothes rail.

Why an industrial-style clothes rail enriches your interior

A clothes rail in industrial style has many advantages:

  • It is suitable for various purposes. Whether as a wardrobe, towel rail or as an addition to the wardrobe, the industrial clothes rail is an all-rounder.
  • It skilfully puts your favorite clothes in the limelight and gives you a clear view of your favorite clothes.
  • It saves space because it is mounted on the wall or ceiling and the floor underneath remains free. Other pieces of furniture can also be placed in this way.
  • The metal of the clothes rail is robust and easy to clean.
  • They can be used in both small and large rooms and support the modern and elegant loft charm.
  • At Metallbude you can get clothes rails in different colours, heights and lengths, so you can design your home individually.
  • Installation is very easy with the supplied dowels.
  • Metallbude clothes rails offer reliable stability, so that even heavier clothing, such as jackets and coats, can be hung up safely and wrinkle-free.

Which industrial-style clothes rails are there?

Industrial-style clothes rails come in a variety of facets. There are clothes rails that are mounted on the ceiling or clothes rails that are wall-mounted. Free-standing clothes rails are also popular. There are many different variants when it comes to the shape of your industrial-style clothes rail. For example, decide between an L-shaped or U-shaped bar. The bar can be kept minimalist and have a round or square shape. But it can also consist of thick industrial pipes. The colors also vary. Black models are the most popular, but white, silver or beige is also a great alternative. The combination of black and white rods offers a great contrast, especially in a black and white interior .

Where you place industrial-style clothes rails

The placement options are just as versatile as an industrial-style clothes rail. It is perfect for the dressing room or the bedroom. Here your clothes hang neatly, crease-free and you have an overview of all your clothes. Even smaller niches in the dressing room can be used perfectly with a custom-made clothes rail. This means that bulky, large cabinets are a thing of the past. An industrial-style hallway also makes a great backdrop for an industrial-style clothes rail. Here a clothes rail with ceiling mounting can be used as a coat rack. This saves space and protects the floor or leaves space, for example for a shoe rack. An industrial-style clothes rail is also a real eye-catcher in the living area . It can be used there, for example, to hang up blankets or decorations. In the bathroom you can serve as a towel holder. But clothes rails are also useful and a real eye-catcher in the children's room, office or fitness room.

This is how your industrial-style clothes rail becomes an eye-catcher

There are several ways to stylishly put clothes rails in the foreground. For example, stagger hanging rails on the ceiling in front of an empty wall. You can play with different lengths and colors. In this way you create a certain boutique feeling and can set different color contrasts. If space is limited, opt for a narrower ceiling-mounted clothes rail and use the floor space for a shoe rack or dresser. Other accessories such as colour-coordinated coat hooks or hangers also refine your industrial-style clothes rail.

We recommend: Combine the RUBI clothes rail with the matching leather S-hooks or the CARREE clothes hangers from Metallbude. The BOVI or NEVA shoe rack also fits perfectly into the industrial look and gives the room minimalist elegance. The RUBI clothes rail doesn't just go with the industrial style. Thanks to its simple shape and the various color variations, it also goes well with the Scandi style, the Japandi style or in apartments furnished in a minimalist style.

Buy clothes rails in industrial style at Metallbude

Our industrial-style clothes rails are available in different sizes and are custom-made on request. We recommend a distance of at least 28 cm to the wall when mounting, so that brackets can be hung up without any problems. In addition to the fact that every piece of furniture is specially made from high-quality material, you also have other advantages at Metallbude. Almost all products are Made in Germany and handmade.

Buy your clothes rail in industrial style from Metallbude now!