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Coat hanger in black

Clothes hangers are ideal for storing blouses, trousers, skirts and dresses without them wrinkling and getting annoying creases. But especially with an open clothes rail you should pay attention to which hanger you choose, because not all hangers are the same. Black clothes hangers in particular visually enhance an open clothes rail and make it look more valuable. In this way, they put your clothes in the limelight and create a neat impression.

The right clothes hanger for every piece of clothing

Clothes hangers come in many different designs, shapes and colors and are made of different materials. You can read below which clothes hanger is suitable for which item of clothing:

Coat hanger with bridge

Black hangers with a bar are characterized by a bar that connects the two ends of the hanger. Pants in particular find a suitable place here to be stored crease-free and a crease also remains accurately defined. Hangers with a bar are available with a closed bar, meaning the bar is attached at both ends, or with a bar that is open on one side. The pants can be easily pushed onto the hanger from the side.

clamps and brackets

Clamp and clip hangers are also suitable for storing trousers. At each end of the black clothes hanger there is a clip to which the items of clothing can be attached. Alternatively, there are hangers that consist of a long clip across the entire width. In both cases, the trouser legs are attached to the clamps or clips. An ideal storage option that preserves the crease. Clamp and clip hangers are also suitable for skirts: the upper hem is simply clamped in here and the skirts can be hung crease-free in the closet or on the clothes rail.

Hangers for shirts and blouses

Shirts and blouses should be stored primarily on rounded hangers, so that no corners deform the garments. There are special, curved hangers for shirts so that the shape of the shoulders is retained.

A roughened surface on the ends of the hangers is particularly practical. These prevent the garment from slipping off the hanger and hanging untidy in the closet and wrinkling more quickly. Alternatively, there are clothes hangers with a groove that acts as a kind of hook: The loops and straps of the tops but also of clothes can be hung here.

Hangers for jackets and coats

Jackets and coats are a lot heavier than a light blouse, shirt or trousers. Jacket hangers should therefore be used here. They are particularly stable and therefore ideal for these heavy items of clothing. Above all, black hangers made of wood and hangers made of metal and stainless steel come into question. These hangers are particularly robust and easily hold the heavy winter coat.

A question of looks: clothes hangers in black, wood or metal

The question of the right material is not only a question of functionality, but also of appearance and personal taste:

  • A frame made of solid beech wood looks good and radiates naturalness.
  • Black hangers or hangers in gray or white are simple and minimalist and give the same look to the hallway or the clothes rail in the bedroom.
  • Silver hangers made of metal or stainless steel are modern and an absolute eye-catcher.

Hangers should be chosen to match the facility. A black coat hanger goes better with an industrial-style hallway than a silver one, which harmonises more with a modern, cooler interior. Hangers made of unpainted solid wood or in white are suitable for naturalness, a Scandinavian style or country house style.

Black hanger at Metallbude

At Metallbude you will find a black hanger that exudes minimalism. Although it's made of plastic, so it's easy on the wardrobe, it's suitable for heavy winter coats and is more scratch-resistant than a wooden hanger.

Together with a matching clothes rail with ceiling mounts, you have created a great alternative to a wardrobe or a beautiful wardrobe in no time. At Metallbude you will find a matching shoe rack made of black metal and a mirror with a shelf: perfect for a minimalist entrance area.

Do you prefer a black and white interior ? Then you can alternatively order our products in white.

Black clothes hanger - high-quality workmanship and versatile

Metallbude products stand for minimalism, sustainability and high-quality workmanship. They are made to order and have a variety of uses.

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