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Give towels a special place with black towel rails from Metallbude

To have a towel ready to hand after a refreshing shower or washing your hands, black towel rails are the most practical and attractive solution. However, the large selection makes a decision difficult. We'll tell you why a black towel rail is a must for your home, what types of towel rails you can choose from and the best way to mount your towel rail. Find out more and more about our stylish, black towel rails from Metallbude .

Why a black towel rail?

Black towel rails are not only elegant and tasteful bathroom accessories. They fulfill several important purposes and thus make the everyday life of their users easier. First of all, the longer models offer a large contact surface for wet towels and thus help to dry them quickly. Black towel rails can be wonderfully combined with other bathroom furniture, such as a wall mirror with a black frame. Black towel rails are also compatible with different styles, such as an industrial-style bathroom or colors. They can be fixed in different positions on the wall. You can attach the towel holder VANA from Metallbude horizontally or vertically to the wall and use it as a towel rail or towel holder for several towels. The model also takes up little space and can be attached to the wall in several places to accommodate even more towels. This creates order and gives a clean impression.

Different styles of black towel rails

Which towel rail is right for you depends on your needs. For example, they differ in shape. There are towel rails with round and square tubes. You can also decide between towel rails with several rods or just one rod. Here you should consider beforehand how many towels in your household have to be dried at the same time and how many people live in your household. There are towel rails in different colors, so a black towel rail fits very well in a black and white bathroom. Towel rails can be made of different materials. We recommend metal because it's sturdy and adds a classy look to your bathroom. However, plastic or wood are also possible. There are extendable and foldable, movable and immovable or rotating and free-standing (e.g. towel ladders) towel rails. Towel rails that can be connected to a radiator and thus heat the towels could be interesting. If that is too much technical effort for you, you can simply mount the towel rail above the heater, so the towels are also heated.

Install black towel rails correctly

If you really want to mount your towel rail securely and robustly, you probably cannot avoid screwing your model together. The black towel holder can be mounted on the wall or on adjacent furniture, such as the washbasin. In addition to screwing, it is also possible to glue the rod, so no holes have to be drilled. However, if you decide to do this, we advise you not to put too much weight on the bar. But black towel rails can not only be mounted on the wall. Towel holder for ceiling mounting, like the TENSI towel holder from Metallbude, is an absolute eye-catcher and saves space on the wall. It can also be used as a kind of room divider.

Buy your black towel rail at Metallbude

Black towel rails are an eye-catcher in every bathroom. They can be installed in a variety of ways and at any height. With the towel rails from Metallbude, you can choose between different tube shapes (round or square), different colors and different lengths. If you order your towel rail from Metallbude, you can specify a desired size and have your own personalized towel rail made. So it fits perfectly in the space you have provided. Get additional advantages at Metallbude:

  • The modern and minimalist furniture from Metallbude blends harmoniously into different furnishing styles.
  • From a minimum order value of 50 € you get free shipping within Germany.
Buy your black towel rail from Metallbude now!