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Are you looking for towel rails without drilling?

Ever thought of a standing version? Our standing towel rails don't need to be drilled into the wall, they are attractive and functional at the same time.

Standing towel holder – for towels that are always ready to hand

A towel holder does not always have to be mounted on the wall or ceiling - as the standing towel holders from Metallbude show. These are available both as a completely free-standing and therefore mobile variant - so you can always have your towels where they are needed - and as a towel ladder that leans against the wall and is therefore not as mobile.

Look forward to the many advantages of the standing towel rail

The free-standing variant consists of a stable base and, depending on the model, two to four arms. They are usually between 72 and 84 cm high, so that people of different heights can easily reach for the towel hanging above them. They can be used for both small and large towels.

Flexibility is a top priority with our standing towel rails. In contrast to permanently installed towel rails or towel hooks, the standing towel rail is mobile and can therefore be used very flexibly. The versatile towel holder is typically used here:

  • Next to the sink for guest towels
  • Next to the shower or bath for the bath towel
  • As a coat rack or valet in the bedroom

Another advantage of our standing towel rails: the towels hang freely downwards and dry particularly quickly.

The towel ladder - a stylish variant of the standing towel rail

Our towel ladders are flexible and an unusual eye-catcher at the same time. They are leaned against a wall at an angle and are particularly secure thanks to non-slip feet. Due to the sloping position, several towels hang down loosely so that they can dry perfectly. Depending on your needs, you can also add more hooks to the towel ladder and hang up more bathroom utensils. The filigree metal frame is reminiscent of the Japandi style, but also enriches many other furnishing styles with an elegant touch.

This is how you design a bathroom according to your taste with standing towel rails

When designing our standing towel rails, we pay attention to a simple, reduced design without unnecessary frills. Material and shape are clearly our focus. Thanks to the minimalist design of our standing towel rails in timeless black or white, you can enjoy maximum flexibility when setting up. If your heart beats for the minimalist style of living anyway, you will find many other pieces of furniture with us, such as the black metal shelf, which ideally complement the standing towel rail.

In the black version, our standing towel rail fits particularly well in an industrial-style bathroom . Typical of this are black metal and wood as well as clear lines. To emphasize the rough character of the industrial style, use white towels and a few selected accessories. Green plants also fit the look. If you like it more colourful, you can also combine our standing towel rails with terry cloth in your favorite colour. In the white version, the towel rails fit well in a Scandinavian-style bathroom or simply in a modern, minimalist bathroom. The standing towel rails in white are also particularly recommended for bathrooms with colorful and dark tiles, as they come into their own more than in a classic white-tiled bathroom.

Metallbude – this is where you will find your standing towel rail

Individuality plays a major role in your own four walls. With our standing towel rails, you can set up your bathroom just the way you like it. If you want a change of style after a while, that's no problem. The timeless design of our standing towel rails suits different furnishing styles and can be rearranged again and again.

For even more individuality, we also enable custom-made products for many of our furniture or accessories. Maybe you are looking for a white towel rail or a towel ladder in a certain size? Then contact us. Since we manufacture many of our products ourselves, we can react particularly flexibly to special requests. Sounds tempting, right? Then quickly find your favorite product at Metallbude.