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Organize your home with coat hooks in black

Multifunctional and can be used anywhere in the house - black coat hooks are real furnishing all-rounders. They keep things tidy and you can hang almost anything on them. At Metallbude you can find out what black coat hooks are, what types there are, why they should not be missing in your home and how you can use them in different rooms.

That's what makes a black coat hook

Above all, black coat hooks must be stable and have enough strength to hold several heavy coats and jackets as well as bags and umbrellas. The best way to mount the hooks is to drill holes with dowels. If you don't want holes in the wall, you can use suction hooks. However, these are less sustainable. Black coat hooks should not only be stable, but also look good. They look particularly elegant and work in combination with almost all other furniture and furnishing styles. For example, with a metal shoe rack in an industrial-style hallway . For the Scandinavian style, however, we recommend coat hooks in white.

It is important that coat hooks are attached at the correct height. Depending on the person using the hooks, you should attach your coat hooks at a height of 100 to 170 cm. For children we recommend a height of 100 cm, for adolescents and adults the hook should be between 145 and 170 cm. They can be placed at different heights, creating more abstract patterns and meeting the individual needs of multiple people in the household. Note: The bigger the hooks, the bigger the distance between them should be.

That's why you should use black coat hooks

The general use of a black coat hook is to hang multiple items of clothing or other accessories on it. However, the furnishing all-rounders can also be used in garden sheds, on protected house facades or in the garage to hang up tools or the like. Black coat hooks are ideal for hanging up decorations such as signs or wreaths. They are easy to care for and available in different shapes and from many different materials. They can be integrated into almost any furnishing style. However, their main advantage is that they create order and provide space for things that are otherwise just lying around in everyday life. In addition to jackets and coats, umbrellas, hats and scarves as well as key chains and other things have their place. In addition, coat hooks are quickly assembled and can be expanded as required. Thanks to their shallow depth, they save more space than, for example, a coat rack or an entire coat rack.

What types of black coat hooks are there?

Black coat hooks are available in different versions. For example, there are hooks that can be folded in or special hooks for objects such as keys. You have the choice between individual hooks, where you can decide how and at what distance you attach them, or already finished hook strips. The models also differ in terms of assembly. Most models are attached to the wall with dowels. In the kitchen or in the bathroom, for example, depending on the load, suction hooks can be used.

Use black coat hooks in different rooms

The first place that might come to mind for black coat hooks is the hallway, and you're right about that. Stable and large coat hooks are used particularly frequently here. The minimalist coat hooks PALO in a set of 3 or 6 from Metallbude are perfect for your hallway. Since hallways are often rather small rooms, these wall hooks score with an enormous space saving. But black coat hooks also find their place in other rooms:

  • Kitchen: In the kitchen, smaller and narrower hooks can be used to hang kitchen utensils. They also go perfectly with a wine rack on the wall or aesthetic pictures.
  • Bathroom: In the bathroom, coat hooks can be used to hang towels. The useful helpers also save a lot of space here. Make sure that the wall hooks are made of a rustproof material and can handle high humidity.
  • Bedroom /dressing room: In addition to black coat hooks, S-hooks can also be used in the dressing room or in the bedroom. These are attached to clothes rails and offer additional space for your clothes and accessories. Here we recommend the leather S hooks in a set of 3 or 6 from Metallbude.

Buy black coat hooks at Metallbude

Black coat hooks can be used in many ways. They offer you many advantages and potential to bring system into your personal belongings and their storage. However, the most important thing when deciding which hooks are right for you is quality. Most Metallbude products are Made in Germany and are handmade. In addition, the modern and minimalist furniture from Metallbude blends harmoniously into different furnishing styles. Customers who order goods worth at least €50 from Metallbude receive free shipping within Germany.

Get all the benefits and buy your black coat hooks from Metallbude now!