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Shower shelf without drilling: This is how you get order in your bathroom

Often there are many different bottles with shampoo, shower gel and hair conditioner in the shower and the shaving kit also needs a place. It quickly looks messy and when cleaning everything has to be cleared away and then put back again. A shower shelf without drilling offers a simple solution. Quickly and easily assembled, all the care products you need in the shower find a place here and are close at hand. At the same time, your bathroom looks tidy and cosy.

Shower shelf without drilling: It's better to glue than to drill

Many shower shelves are attached to the wall by drilling. But drilling holes in tiles or joints is not that easy. You need suitable tools such as a drill and a suitable drill bit and it is also not possible without manual skills. Because cracks and fractures quickly appear that you cannot close or conceal so easily. You also have to be careful not to hit any power and water lines that are in the wall. A shower shelf that is attached without drilling is therefore much more practical than drilling. You can also set the height of your shower shelf individually. When drilling you are tied to the joints and these determine the height. If you glue your shower bracket to the wall, you can place it exactly where it suits you best. If you notice that another spot would be better, you can simply loosen the adhesive and reposition the shower shelf without drilling.

Shower shelf without drilling: No stress with the landlord

Drill holes and broken tiles can become a problem, especially when moving out of a rented apartment. The adhesive strips, with which you attach the shower shelf without drilling, can be removed again easily and without leaving any residue. This way you don't get stressed out with your landlord because of unclosed boreholes or broken tiles.

Shower shelf without drilling from Metallbude: practical, straightforward, elegant

The black shower shelf without drilling from Metallbude comes with a timeless design and has a particularly straight and therefore elegant look. Not only do shampoo, shower gel and co find their place here, but the shower shelf also gives the shower a high-quality and elegant appearance. The shower shelf is particularly durable and fits in perfectly with the current trend towards black-coated fittings. Add a black towel holder and the matching mirror and you have an industrial-style bathroom . Do you prefer white? Then simply order your shower tray for gluing from Metallbude in white.

Metallbude: Not just for your bathroom

In addition to the practical shower shelf without drilling, you will find numerous other helpers and furniture for your bathroom at Metallbude . But you can also give your living room and bedroom a minimalist charm with the simple and filigree pieces of furniture.

The furniture is handmade and produced in Europe. For some products, you can specify individual dimensions when ordering, so that the furniture fits perfectly into your home. Metallbude stands for high-quality products that are delivered free of charge in Germany from 150 €. Besides that:

  • are custom made in Germany.
  • you can choose the color white depending on the product.
  • All products are processed to a high standard.
  • Metallbude furniture stands for modern, minimalist design.
Order your new shower shelf here without drilling.