RIA / Photo: Tobias Stern

Comfort meets naturalness

Kitschy pumpkin decorations, unimaginative piles of pillows and obscene orange tones are a thing of the past. Equally extravagant, short-lived living trends brought to life by self-proclaimed design experts. Because autumn is moving into your own four walls this year in the spirit of naturalness and sustainability . The motto is back to the roots, whereby minimalism and comfort do not have to be mutually exclusive. Rather, it is about counteracting the heaviness of autumn with ease and wrapping yourself in a cosy, cozy cocoon for the dreary time.

Must haves // The basics

Natural colors: The trend is moving away from clichéd autumn tones towards calm earth tones. Beige, brown and cream dominate the living environment and, in addition to a clean look, above all ensure cosiness. Our new color cashew fits perfectly into the trendy autumn palette - whether in combination with other colors or simply tone on tone.

LIVIA / Photo: Tobias Stern

Sustainable materials: In addition to natural colors, natural materials are also conquering our living spaces. Right at the forefront: wood. This not only has a beautiful appearance, but also demonstrably provides warmth and a healthy indoor climate. Combined with other sustainable materials such as cork, raffia or linen, it creates a calming atmosphere.

RIA / Photo: Tobias Stern

Sculptural forms: Physically very present in space, sculptural forms create structure in space with their geometric properties. But watch out: Especially here, less is more. Even individually selected objects such as a lamp or a vase in a sculptural form can provide a balancing look in the room.

RIVO / Photo: Tobias Stern

Nice-to-haves // The highlights

In order to stylishly upgrade the rooms despite their color-neutral and natural character, the interior should be given different textures. The four main textures are:

  1. fuzzy , e.g. coarse rugs, large throws, wall macramés
  2. rough (rough) e.g. wall decoration made of rattan, dried flowers, baskets
  3. soft (soft) , e.g
  4. shiny (shiny) , e.g. candlesticks, metal trays, picture or mirror frames

Text: Vanessa Schwarkow
Layout: Carolin Epp