Not new, but thought differently

A new year is commonly equated with a new chapter or even a new me. In addition, there are trends in all areas of life that reinforce the associated desire for change. Including living trends - wall colors, vase shapes, tile patterns... After years of the pandemic and the experience of seclusion, living and our quality of living have taken on a higher priority. This is also reflected in the living trends for 2023: peace, balance, cosiness and relaxation are decisive here. However, this requires neither a literal change of scenery nor a complete refurbishment.

1| Spa@Home

Your own home as a place of refuge and well-being will become even more important in the coming year. It is therefore important to create a place to switch off, relax and recharge your batteries. It doesn't have to be a wellness oasis like in a picture book, it just needs to create the homely conditions for slow living and well-being: visual calm, natural materials, harmonious colors, etc. Such areas of cosiness can be implemented in any living space without great effort and form a constant in everyday life.

2| light & warmth

Light and warmth are classic sources of comfort. This is why lamps in particular are moving into the interior focus, which create different lighting moods depending on their type, positioning and intensity. Candles and other natural light sources create a particularly cozy atmosphere. Candle flames have been proven to have a calming and relaxing effect on people. The same applies to wood as the predominant material in the premises.

3| Personal Accents

Trends or not: In order to feel completely comfortable in your home, it is important that the furnishings reflect you. Personal accents through selected splashes of color, textiles or decorative elements give the interior its actual character and make the home a cozy retreat. Multifunctional space and furniture solutions, which are above all flexible and practical, meet individual living needs (family life, home office, etc.).
December 30, 2022