More Storage Space in the Hallway: A Cupboard for everything

A closet creates a lot of storage space. Jackets, bags, scarves, and bicycle helmets disappear here. Small items such as gloves and hats can be stored in drawers or boxes, and tilted compartments, rods, or compartments create space for your shoes. Since everything disappears behind closed doors, the hallway appears neat and tidy.

In a household with children, the hallway closet can be set up for both generations: if a few compartments and a clothing rail are attached in the lower area, the little ones can reach their jackets themselves. The area above can be used by adults.

Cloakroom Benches with Storage Space are  Seat and Storage in One

A seat in the hallway is particularly practical for putting on shoes. With a bench with storage space, you can kill two birds with one stone: On the one hand, you can easily put on and take off your shoes, and on the other hand, the bench offers storage space for umbrellas, slippers for guests, scarves, and bags. A black shoe rack or white shoe bench with a reinforced top can also serve as a shoe rack and seat.

Use the entire height for more Storage Space in the Hallway

For more storage space in the hallway, you should use the full height of your entrance area. Closets should reach to the ceiling, and overhead shelves or single shelves make room for decorative baskets in which to store scarves, hats, and gloves that you use less frequently. With a stool or a stepladder, these are quickly at hand and quickly stowed away again. One ceiling-mounted wardrobe is also suitable for creating additional storage space. In contrast to conventional closets, you can place other furniture underneath so you can use the space twice.

Wall Hooks as an Alternative to the Classic Wardrobe

If the hallway is long and narrow, cross-hanging hangers often do not fit into the entrance area. One of the tips for narrow hallways is clearly a coat rack with wall hooks. Jackets and coats take up less space. Additionally, wall hooks are particularly flexible because they can be individually distributed on the wall. You can decide for yourself how many hooks you need, at what height, or according to which pattern they should be placed, and add hooks at any time without having to buy an entirely new closet. Individual wall hooks also look more lightweight and airy compared to a bulky wardrobe.


Console Tables create Storage Space in the Hallway for Keys and the like

Chests of drawers or console tables serve as storage space. Particularly narrow and filigree examples made of black metal also fit into a small and narrow hallway. This is where you can leave your keys, cell phone, and mail when you come in. Decorated with vases and other decorative pieces, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere and put the piece of furniture in the spotlight.


For more Storage Space in the Hallway, use the Space under the Stairs and Niches

If there is a staircase to the upper floors in the entrance area, this is a blessing for additional storage space in the hallway. In many cases, however, the storage space under the stairs is not used. It's a pity, because a closet can find its place here, as can a shelf that creates storage space for hats, scarves, and bags. Shoe cabinets or chests of drawers are also suitable so that this space is not wasted.

Niches are also often overlooked as storage space in the hallway and remain empty. There is a place for the vacuum cleaner here and with a suitable or tailor-made shelf, you can make excellent use of this space.


Particularly teasing: More Storage Space in the Hallway with a Shoe Cabinet in the Wall

Especially in old buildings, there are often shelves or cabinets that are embedded in the walls. They are usually too narrow to function as wardrobes, but with sloping compartments, they are ideal as shoe cabinets. When closed, the shoes disappear behind the door and out of sight. Once opened, however, you have a good overview of your shoe collection and can quickly find the right pair. In a particularly narrow hallway, sliding doors ensure that the closet can be opened without problems, as there are no doors protruding into the room.

Fewer Things - more Storage Space in the Hallway

Clearing out helps to ensure that the entrance area does not appear cluttered and tidy. Minimalist living is very trendy and not only brings order to the entrance area, but also to our thoughts. Sorted out parts do not have to be thrown away immediately, but can be resold, given away, or donated. For the small step towards a minimalist hallway, you can move some things to other rooms and give certain clothes and objects a new place in the bedroom or living room.

With a few tricks and the right pieces of furniture, you can create storage space in the hallway and create a neat and tidy entrance area.


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