Decorate your Tables for Summer with African Vibes

As soon as the summer temperatures reach us in Germany, we long for warmth, character and harmony from foreign cultures and exciting places in this world. African trends move in with us in summer and enrich the minimalist ambience.  


Handwork and Craftsmanship - Coffee Table in a summery Look

A hand-woven tray rests on the back of our sofa and is adorned with colorful flowers. The beauty of craftsmanship is also evident in the minimalist coffee table, which is made of welded metal and powder-coated in a rich black. The harmony of the sandy beige couch with the dark metal table from the Metallbude label works beautifully in combination with African decorative elements.

African Decoration on the Summer Table

The fruit bowl with seasonal fruits from your own garden finds a place on the summer table. The animal pattern on the black and white bowl adds an exotic touch to your summer decor. Savannah elephants have sneaked onto the ceramics to bring African vibes to the simple interior. The sky's the limit when it comes to decorating your interior!  


Bold Colors bring Summer Vibes to the Table

To keep things timeless and minimal throughout the year, we stick to the classic shapes and colors of our furniture, and bring more summer vibes to the table with colorful accessories. Organically shaped stoneware next to a colorful table book is invigorating when paired with a fresh grapefruit. The table book echoes the orange and red hues of the citrus fruit.

TRE SEMNIA – Coffee Table or Summer Drink?

Table set TRE SEMNIA X by Metallbude is a trio in white in a natural ambiance with warm beige tones : a functional set of a coffee table with two side tables that can be easily stowed under the table. When needed, the small metal tables can be pulled out to provide more storage space. There is room for cold drinks and fruity snacks when a spontaneous visit is announced on a mild summer evening. Without any screws, the metal furniture from Metallbude looks simply perfect. Flawless, the white powder-coated finish flows like milk over the geometric metal design. The vibrant orange and red of tropical summer fruit provides a fresh kick that makes us long for sunny days in Spain.  


Natural Materials as a summery Table Decoration

Summer decorating doesn't have to be expensive and gather dust in the basement by June. Exotic plants and fruits create a Mediterranean atmosphere all by themselves. An orange tree planted in a terracotta pot will keep your living room fresh and light. Natural materials as table centerpieces work beautifully with a minimalist lifestyle.  

Inspiration for a Summer Table and a Summer Drink Recipe

Get inspired by our interior blog post and plan the summer decoration for your table with a fresh drink in your hand. How about a tropical creation that lets you mentally travel far away?  

Summer Drink: Grapefruit-Orange-Milk
(Ingredients for 4 Glasses)

2 Grapefruits, squeezed (makes approx. 2 dl Juice) 

4dl Orange Juice 

1dl Coconut Milk 

1dl Cream 

Mix all ingredients with a hand blender to a frothy drink. Pour into long drink glasses over fresh ice cubes and enjoy cold.