Living in a tidy apartment is more pleasant. Important items can be found more quickly, and the apartment appears larger and clearer.  But that doesn't mean that nothing can be left standing around,because if you rigorously put everything away, clear out, and lock it away, your own four walls will quickly look like an uninhabited hotel room. Beautiful things and things with meaning are allowed to stay, but what is not necessary or useful or not nice to look at is stored elsewhere, for example in beautiful and simple metal furniture.



To avoid chaos and disorder, you should follow a few rules. These are easy to implement, don't take a lot of time, but ensure that you can easily keep things tidy:


1. Give all items a fixed Place

When every item has a designated place, it's easy to stay organized. You always know what's where and you don't have to look for your key when you're dressed and ready to go. Set up a fixed place for this near the front door, for example on a key rack or in a bowl on a dresser. Do the same for other items: clothes that have been taken off get a permanent place in the bedroom or end up directly in the laundry basket, letters are put in a specific place, and jackets and coats are hung in the closet. Get into the habit of putting things back in their original place immediately after use. At the beginning, this will be a little difficult and it will take discipline, but over time it will become easier and you will find everything quickly.




2. Simply keep things organized with modular Shelving Systems

You need shelves and cabinets to give everything a fixed place and enough storage space. This way you ensure that things can be neatly stored. Modular wall shelves that you can configure according to your own needs are a great solution for this. With them, you can use niches and corners. If necessary, such shelving systems made of metal, plastic, or wood can be expanded. With shelves above the room doors, you can create enough storage space even in small rooms so that you can easily keep things tidy. Metal shelves with high-quality powder coating are easy to clean and suitable for everyday use. A minimalist design ensures that the room does not appear overloaded, but rather reinforces the tidy impression.




3. Clean up in small Steps

It's much easier to keep things organized in small steps than to have to start a big clean-up operation. Choose a drawer, a closet, or a room. In this way, you get a sense of accomplishment more quickly and don't lose enjoyment and motivation. When you consider a cupboard, a compartment, or a drawer, consider for each item whether it is still functional and useful or whether it can be thrown away or given away. Look around your apartment regularly and see what you can take with you when you go into another room. You can also integrate small tidying moments into your everyday life and your weekly planning:

  • Do something small for a free evening or a few hours on the weekend. This way, keeping things organized isn't that difficult.
  • Take ten minutes every day to get organized.
  • Many people find it helpful to have a weekly plan that specifies when something is to be done and for how long. Create a cleaning and tidying plan like this by dividing tidying up into small steps: Monday: tidy the hallway for five minutes, Tuesday: mop the bathroom for 10 minutes, etc. You can complete these tasks quickly and check them off - you stay motivated and at the same time have a clear vision Goal in mind.


4. What you can get today... - The three-minute Rule

Anything you can do in under three minutes should be done immediately. Rinse the wine glass in the evening, put the cereal bowl in the dishwasher after breakfast, take the pajamas from the bathroom straight into the bedroom. This way, you avoid things piling up and ending up taking longer overall to clean up.




5. Less is More: Choose Minimalism

In order to keep things tidy in the long term, you should clean out regularly. This frees you and makes you feel good. But you can also consciously decide to live more minimally. Then you won't accumulate so much in the first place. The question that helps here is, what did you really need or wear in terms of clothing in the last twelve months? With each purchase, also consider whether you really need the product and whether you have space for it. Get used to the rule: For every new item you buy, an old one is thrown away. This means you don't accumulate things and your apartment doesn't become overcrowded with new purchases. Also note the three-fourths rule. This means that something that is three-quarters full is already full enough. This applies to a shelf, shelves, or a clothes rail. If you follow this rule, there will be enough space to move the brackets, for example.


Extra Tip for keeping things tidy for Families

Especially in families, things quickly get left behind. The daughter's crayons on the kitchen table, the son's toy cars on the floor, the sports gear in the hallway or the book on the sofa. To ensure order, each family member receives a so-called chaos box. The things that are left lying around during the day are collected there. At the end of the day everyone clears out the box.

Create Order to keep Order

So that you can easily implement these tips, you should first sort out, tidy up and clean. Three categories help when sorting out:

  • Keep
  • Throw away
  • Give away/Sell


It's best to take three boxes that symbolize these categories and put the items you want to throw away and give away in there. So you have sorted these things straight away and can easily dispose of them.


Create Order with Boxes

Boxes help keep the individual shelf and cupboard compartments tidy. They provide a good overview and you can store everything that belongs together in one cupboard. This means that the birthday decorations are always together or you can quickly find the right ingredients in the kitchen, such as baking powder and vanilla sugar, if you want to spontaneously bake a cake.


Once you keep things tidy and stick to this rule, you can get rid of the chaos in your home and enjoy a tidy and tidy home.


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