Set up a reading corner: but where?

Before you can start setting up your reading corner, you should find a suitable place. Reading corners only take up little space, so that a place for the reading corner can be found in most apartments. A reading corner fits best in the living room or bedroom, but a cozy reading corner can also be created under the stairs, on the balcony or in a large eat-in kitchen. The only condition: the reading corner should be set up in a quiet corner, a passage area is less suitable. If you find it difficult to find a separate quiet retreat, you can separate the reading corner with a screen. Window niches or a place near the window are particularly suitable for a reading corner, as you can use the daylight here and the reading corner is extra bright.

Furniture to set up the reading corner

An armchair, a bookshelf, a small side table, a lamp and you have created a reading corner. Add a few accessories such as blankets, pillows and decorative elements and you can sit down in your reading corner and relax. If you want to set up your reading corner in a minimalist way, you should be economical with decorative elements and accessories and make sure that the reading corner and bookshelf are not too crowded. For minimalist living you should choose particularly filigree and minimalist furniture, for example a black metal shelf in which you create a lot of free space. For more tips on each piece of furniture to set up a reading nook, see below.

Setting up a reading corner: the right seating

Many choose a classic wing chair for the reading corner, but a daybed, a bench or a rocking chair are also suitable as seating for your reading corner. The right seat depends on whether you prefer to immerse yourself in the world of your books while sitting or lying down. Which piece of furniture you choose: the main thing is that it is comfortable, after all you want to spend many hours in your reading corner. Thick cushions that you can sink into are particularly comfortable. Basically you should pay attention to the right material when buying:

  • Leather is durable.
  • Upholstery fabric is cozy and comfortable.
  • Natural and synthetic fibers provide plenty of warmth.
  • Blended fabric is durable because it is abrasion resistant.
  • Woven fabric is soft and fluffy.
  • Velvet gives the piece of furniture a noble look.

Set up a reading corner: don't forget a stool

If you like to stretch your feet while reading, you should get a suitable stool or choose an armchair with a reclining function. If you put your feet up while reading, reading will be even more relaxed and your legs will be relieved after a hard day. It is best to choose a stool that goes with the armchair.

Set up a reading corner: A side table creates storage space

A small side table completes the reading corner. Here you can put your book, reading glasses, snacks or a cup of tea. A metal side table is modern and black goes well with an industrial style home, as does a table with a black frame and a rough wood top. Tables that are particularly simple go well with a minimalist interior. A white wooden table with ornate legs goes well with the country house style, but a minimalist metal table can also be combined with the country house style.

Setting up a reading corner: No reading corner without a bookshelf

Of course, a bookshelf should not be missing in a reading corner. On the one hand you can store your books neatly there, on the other hand it contributes a lot to the atmosphere of the reading corner. As a bookshelf, you can choose a standing shelf or a wall shelf . A floor-to-ceiling bookcase with a ladder is reminiscent of a library and is a special eye-catcher. A console table is also suitable for storing books and also offers storage space for the current reading material, glasses and Co.

Setting up a reading corner: the right light

The reading corner should definitely be set up near a light source, since reading in the dark is not harmful to the eyes, but can lead to side effects such as red eyes, tiredness and headaches. Ideally, the reading corner is right by the window or close to it. This allows you to read in daylight and saves energy because you don't need an electric light source during the day. If you need help with artificial light or as a light source for reading in the evening hours, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights are suitable. LED floor lamps that work with a rechargeable battery are particularly practical because they are particularly mobile and no annoying cables disturb the cozy atmosphere of your reading corner.

Set up a reading corner: choose the right colors

So that your reading corner is really a place of rest and a place to switch off, you should pay attention to the right colors when setting up the reading corner. Calm colors in particular are ideal for the reading corner, as this allows you to concentrate fully on your book and you are not distracted by colors. Pastel colors go particularly well in the reading corners, as they create a calm atmosphere. Beige and gray tones are also suitable because they convey a sense of security and are also currently in fashion.

Set up a reading corner: This is how it gets particularly cozy

To make your reading corner cozy and cuddly, you should get a few accessories such as blankets, pillows and decorative elements when setting up the reading corner.

  • Blanket : If you like it extra warm and cuddly, a blanket in the reading corner is a must. If you get cold quickly, you should choose a blanket made of wool. Alpaca wool is particularly warm, but normal sheep's wool is just as good.
  • Pillow : A pillow adds to the comfort and coziness of the reading nook while protecting against tension. In order to relieve the back, there are so-called reading pillows that support the spine. If you don't have problems with your back, you can simply use pillows that suit the interior and your own taste.
  • Decoration : You should decorate your reading corner in a simple and calm way, in the style of minimalism. Decorative objects should not distract so that you can immerse yourself in the story of your book. A few candles and green plants or simple black metal decorations are enough to create a particularly cozy reading corner.

It doesn't take much for a cozy reading corner: a suitable place, suitable furniture, a few decorative elements and you can immerse yourself in the world of your books. Discover all the products for your reading corner at Metallbude .

December 19, 2022