These are the Interior Design Trends in 2024


Every year brings a variety of new interior design trends that influence the world of interior design. From color palettes to furniture styles to decorative elements, the dynamics of design are constantly changing. New materials, technologies and creative approaches shape the way we design our spaces. These annual changes not only reflect progress in the world of design, but also provide an opportunity to continually update and customize your own living space.



What's Hot in 2024?

Organic Shapes:

Organic shapes aim at the beauty of nature. From curved furniture to organically shaped decorative objects, this trend reflects the harmonious lines and structures of nature.



Chrome Look:

The chrome look brings a touch of futuristic glamour to modern interiors. The use of chrome elements in furniture, lighting and decor creates a shiny, modern ambiance. The reflective surfaces create a visual effect and make a bold statement.



70s Retro Charm:

The '70s are making a comeback with a bold mix of color explosions, geometric shapes and vintage chic. Earth tones, psychedelic patterns and iconic furniture from the era find their place in contemporary designs.



“Quiet Luxury”:

Quiet Luxury represents understated luxury that relies on subtle elegance and quality materials. Natural textures, soft color palettes and quality furnishings characterize this trend. Instead of excessive ostentation, Quiet Luxury emphasizes the beauty of minimalism, creating spaces that exude calm and sophistication.



Chrome Furniture & Decoration

Furniture and decorations made of chrome or with a chrome look are at the forefront. This adds a contemporary and futuristic touch to any interior that blends well with modern design principles. The shiny surface reflects light and creates a bright, airy atmosphere that is especially appreciated in minimalist spaces. Chrome is extremely versatile and can be combined with a variety of materials and colors. It goes well with both neutral and bold color palettes and blends effortlessly into different interior styles. Depending on how it is integrated with the rest of the décor, chrome can be associated with luxury and elegance. The metallic look conveys a sense of sophistication and modernity that is especially appreciated in a contemporary interior. And the best thing about this trend: Chrome is easy to clean and rust-resistant, which adds to the longevity of furniture and decor made from this material. All these characteristics make chrome furniture and decorations a desirable choice for modern interiors.



These are the Color Trends for 2024



Current color trends are based on so-called dopamine colors, which spread a wave of optimism and joy of life without being obtrusive. In the midst of hectic daily life, these colors are used as mood enhancers. Peach colors, with their warm, soft hue, symbolize freshness and serenity. "Peach Fuzz", the Pantone Color of the Year 2024, is a soft, cheerful color that creates a cozy atmosphere and conveys a sense of lightness. It is a clear contrast to last year's winner, Viva Magenta, which focused on powerful energy and vibrant dynamics.