Setting up with Pets - what should I consider?

Pets bring a lot of cuddles and love - but also an increased workload. They need care and they make a mess. That's just the way it is with four-legged friends. Dogs and cats bring dirt into the house and get their hair all over the place.

White dog and black couch? You can run the lint roller over it every day.

A black couch and a white cat? Same thing.

So it would be pragmatic to avoid furniture that does not harmonize well with your pets. For example, the white couch. Or the leather sofa, which quickly becomes unsightly when scratched. But you don't have to give up (your) style altogether.

Furnishing with Pets and Style - the 8 best Tips

Stylish yet easy-care is the motto when it comes to furnishing your home with pets. The best part is that dirt and paw prints from furry friends can be wiped up quickly, claws can't damage upholstery and carpets, and walls can be easily repainted.

Here are our top 8 tips for setting up with Pets:

1. The right Walls for living with Pets

If you want to give your home a makeover before a new pet moves in, you can paint the walls pet-friendly right away. We recommend a muted wall color - we do not recommend colors that are too light. Ideally, the wall paint should be wipeable. Wallpaper runs the risk of being chewed on by puppies or cats and cannot be easily repaired. In an emergency, you can always repaint a dirty wall.

2. The right Floors for Furry Paws

If you are renovating your living space, choose a floor that is easy to maintain. Tile is a good choice, as is linoleum or vinyl. Vinyl and linoleum are considered particularly pet-friendly - they absorb sound and are less slippery for pets. Laminate and hardwood floors are less suitable for pets. They are too slippery for dogs and cats, not moisture resistant, and not very durable. If you cannot redo the floor and it is too slippery for your pet, place washable cotton rugs in prominent areas. Shaggy carpets are not good because they are difficult to clean.

3. This Furniture is suitable for Households with Pets

The surfaces and fronts of the furniture should be easy to wipe clean. At Metallbude we offer furniture with metal and wood elements. These are easy to clean and durable - even when your dog is running around the house and the cat wants to try out its claws. If you have cats, you should make sure that all the furniture is strong enough to withstand their climbing attempts.

4. The right Room Concept for living with Dogs and Cats

Make room for your loyal four-legged friends. Your furniture should be positioned so that dogs and cats have plenty of room. An open floor plan gives small pets plenty of room to move around and large pets plenty of room to get out of lying down. The open space allows people and pets to run around and have fun, which strengthens the bond.

5. The right upholstered Furniture for Dogs and Cats

Upholstered furniture should be darker and covered with durable fabrics. Even if your dog has a nice dog bed, you will still find him snuggled between the sofa cushions. Microfiber covers are best. Leather, velvet and silk are limited. Hair and odors tend to stick to woven fabrics.

6. Decorate with Pets

Animal lovers should also keep a few things in mind when decorating. Decorations should be placed so that the cat doesn't knock the family picture off the shelf and the dog doesn't perform tricks off the sideboard. It is best to use decorations sparingly, in keeping with modern interior design principles. On modern, linear furniture or open industrial furniture made of metal, a few selected decorative elements come into their own.

7. Set up with Pets - be careful with Plants and Flowers

If a cat inhales the pollen of a lily or nibbles on the leaves, it can be fatal. Even the smallest amounts of lilies are toxic to cats! Before you bring a puppy or kitten into your home, make sure your houseplants are safe for your pets.

8. Sturdy Pet Furniture with Style

Feeding station and dog bed - these two pieces of pet furniture are part of every dog owner's basic kit. But you should also include storage space for dogs and cats. Maybe an extra coat hook for the dog leash? Or a chest of drawers for pet toys? The pet furniture can be chosen to fit in perfectly with your existing interior style. For example, Metallbude's metallic pet furniture looks great with industrial-style furniture.


Setting up for Pets - the Apartment becomes a Pet Playground

If you want to make your home even more pet-friendly, there are even more ideas: For example, you can install a dog or cat door in your front door that opens automatically for your pet thanks to the microchip.