Dear readers,

I hope that only the candles on your wreath are burning and that your house is still standing. The evenings are getting longer and outside one light after the other starts to twinkle: street lamps, paper stars in the windows and fairy lights on the trees. Everyone retreats to their cozy homes, where they end the evening comfortably with a hot drink and the first Christmas cookies. Christmas poems or carol lines come back to mind.

A light for you

I give you a light!

A light in which your hope sparkles,

When life is dark around you.

One in which your soul rests

and does good to you and others,

that dispels all despondent thoughts

And remains a good companion to your tears.

A light that illuminates your paths

and never eclipses your doings!

I give you a light that shines on your years

and means well with you and the future.

Hermine Geissler

How do you celebrate Christmas and which traditions have crept into your life over the years? Are there any fun or fond memories that you look back on fondly? In our last blog post, we told you about a nice idea to make those sweet holiday memories not so easily forgotten.

We sincerely wish you peace and hope in these pandemic times!


Written by Laura Joy Albrecht

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December 17, 2021