Living in White – Clean and Modern


White Living is an interior design trend that focuses on the elegance and purity of white and cream. This color palette creates an airy and bright ambiance that exudes calm and serenity. The combination of white and cream is timeless and makes the room feel larger and more open. White walls and furniture provide the perfect canvas for creative design ideas. Minimalist elements and clean lines reinforce the clean and modern character of the White Living style. Natural materials such as wood and rattan create a harmonious symbiosis that brings warmth and comfort to the space. White home accessories such as cushions, curtains and vases add subtle accents and an elegant touch to the living room.



White Living: Decorate with Light Colors

White Living is suitable for a wide range of rooms and interior styles. From Scandinavian to Mediterranean to modern, the colors white and cream adapt flexibly and transform any living space into a stylish oasis of well-being. The minimalist approach emphasizes the beauty of clean lines and simple design. Accents of soft colors and natural materials create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Beige and white metal furniture fits perfectly with the White Living interior style and can add a touch of elegance and modernity. By cleverly integrating them, the White Living interior style is further refined, giving your home a timeless elegance and modern charm.


Decorate in White and Cream Tones

When decorating with whites and creams, there are some important aspects to consider to create a harmonious and attractive overall look: Use different shades of white and cream to add depth and dimension to the room. Combine cool and warm tones to create a balanced color scheme. Incorporate different textures and materials to add interest and versatility to the room. Natural materials such as wood, rattan or linen complement the White Living style perfectly. Although the emphasis is on light colors, deliberate contrasts in the form of accent colors or darker elements can make the room more interesting and draw attention to certain areas. And most importantly, in the White Living style, less is often more. Choose carefully selected decor and accents to maintain the minimalist and clean character.



Redesign Living Spaces – White Living

In practice, White Living can be seen in interiors dominated by light colors such as white, cream and pastel shades. Here are some concrete suggestions on how you can design your living spaces according to the White Living approach:


  • White Walls: The main component of white living is the use of white walls, which visually open up the room and create a light, airy atmosphere.
  • Light Furniture: White or cream-colored furniture is characteristic of white living. They give the room a clean and modern aesthetic.
  • Natural Materials: Wood, rattan and other natural materials are often used in white living rooms to add warmth and coziness.
  • Minimalist Decoration: The decoration in white living rooms is usually minimalist to focus on the light color palette.
  • Soft Color Accents: Subtle accent colors such as pastels or soft patterns can be introduced in the form of pillows, curtains or accessories to add subtle vibrancy to the room.
  • Natural Light: White living rooms benefit from plenty of natural light, making the room brighter and more inviting.