Furnish your Apartment comfortably: Cozy Minimalism as an Answer to the Modern World


The new Cozy Minimalism Trend is characterized by simple and minimalist shapes. The interior does not look cool, but decorative, but not overloaded. The trend for cozy minimalist interiors with a lot of coziness has emerged from the modern world, which is characterized by sensory overload from social media, lack of time and stress.

Cozy Minimalism unites the Furnishing of the last Decades



Minimalism emerged as an alternative to the home decor of previous decades. Back then, "the more, the merrier" was the rule. Homes were filled with heavy, embellished furniture, velvet curtains and ruffled drapes that obscured windows and created dark rooms with little daylight. Eccentric vases, ornate bowls and dishes, and many porcelain objects stood on tables and dressers.

Over time, a resistance to this style of furnishing developed, expressed in ultra-minimalism: almost empty rooms with few, light and unobtrusive pieces of furniture. Accessories tend to be frowned upon.

Cozy Minimalism combines the two concepts of the past decades and shows a middle way: functional furniture and accessories that create comfort and a sense of home without being overwhelming. Unnecessary items and furniture are not in the right place. What is needed, on the other hand, is a home with lots of free space and little ballast. The result is a cozy retreat where you can relax your soul.

Furnish your Apartment comfortably: This is what a cozy minimalism Apartment looks like



With lots of open space, simple basic shapes and straight lines, a cozy minimalism home is comfortably furnished. Furniture is functional and stylish. There are no frills here. Simplicity is the motto.

Colors are neutral, pastel and warm. A functional piece of furniture is the focal point of each room. In the bedroom it is the bed, in modern living rooms it is the chair or the sofa. Accessories support the overall picture, but do not overwhelm the room. There are no embellishments and no visual highlights to strain the eye. Nothing distracts us and we can let our thoughts wander, breathe freely and come to rest.

Furnish your Apartment comfortably - that's how it works



Do you want to make your home comfortable and live minimalistically at the same time? If you pay attention to the following things, you will quickly have a cozy, minimalist home. As a family, too, because minimalism works with family, too.


Declutter: Reduce your Facility to the Essentials



The first step in creating a minimalist interior is to get rid of some furniture and objects. Ask yourself what you have used in the last week and what you really need. Reduce your decor to the essentials. If you are unsure, choose a room where you will practice minimalism and see how you like it. Use the room as much as you can over the next few weeks and ask yourself if you miss anything. In the meantime, you can store the discarded furniture and items in the basement or attic. You can also store mementos that you don't want to part with. If you find it hard to throw things away, give them away or donate them.

Matching Furniture: Choose high-quality, functional Furniture without Frills



For a cozy minimalist interior, choose high-quality, functional furniture with no frills and a straightforward design: a simple, modern coffee table and a filigree console table in the living room, and a modern coat rack and a minimalist black metal shoe rack in the foyer - it is important that the furniture has clear shapes. An industrial-style living room goes well with a minimalist interior because the furniture is simple and straightforward.



Appropriate Colors: Opt for bright, friendly Colors



Bright, friendly, and neutral colors work well with a minimalist interior. Pastel beiges and grays work well, as do warm earth tones that provide warmth and comfort. Avoid motif or patterned wallpaper on the walls and keep them in white, cream or light gray. Upholstery should be a single color. This will keep the room calm.



More Tips for minimalist, cozy Furnishing



  • Avoid heavy, dark patterned curtains and plush.
  • Take advantage of natural light and create bright rooms. Avoid placing large objects or furniture in front of windows that block light.
  • Find the perfect place for each piece of furniture and leave nothing to chance. That way, the few pieces will really come into their own.

Minimalism and comfort don't have to contradict each other. With the motto "less is more" and a few pieces of furniture and a few accessories, a cozy home is created in which you can breathe freely and relax.



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