Outside is the new inside – at least whenever the hours of sunshine and temperatures cooperate. Modern furniture in a minimalist design is the ideal basis for the balcony, terrace or garden to bring the style and comfort you are used to indoors into your own outdoor area. Our first outdoor collection with weatherproof metal furniture and high-quality upholstery stands for exactly that – but which “outdoor” type are you? Find out in our test.

The questions:

  1. What do you primarily use your outdoor area for?

C relaxation
B sociability
D Nature
A Games & Leisure

  1. What style do you prefer out there?

A boho
B Mediterranean
C Hampton
D Japandi

  1. What shouldn't be missing?

B large table
D lots of green plants
C comfortable cushions
A mood lighting

  1. What's on the table?

B Grilled food
A Baked
C Mixed
D Harvested

  1. What is your “outterior” dream?

B Pool landscape
C lounge area
A gaming paradise
D greenhouse

The result:

Predominantly A: The active one
On warm days, your outdoor area is the hub where daily life takes place and most activities take place. Our product tip: MALINA lounge sofa

Mainly B: The host
Getting together outdoors, sitting and eating together is your perfect idea of ​​warm summer evenings. Always with you: enjoyment and comfort. Our product tip: VIONA garden table & CAMILA garden chair



Predominantly C: The Aesthete
For you, aesthetics and style don't stop at the threshold of the balcony or terrace. Instead, you rely on design and eye-catchers and an attractive overall picture. Our product tip: MALINA lounge sofa & SUNIVA lounge table


Predominantly D: The connoisseur

Your outdoor area is your refuge to switch off from everyday life and recharge your batteries. Surrounded by flora and fauna, you don't need much to feel good. Our product tip: SOLEA lounge chair