This is how you design your Terrace and Balcony in 2024


It's spring and soon summer will be here, which means that the time we spend in our gardens, on our balconies and terraces is getting closer and closer. The living room is moving outside and the outdoors is becoming the focus of everyday life. Even working in the garden, the so-called "garden office" made possible by the home office, will become increasingly popular in 2024. So you need an outdoor space where you can do all these things and feel comfortable - the patio should not only look beautiful, but also be comfortable and inviting.


Garden Furniture to feel good

Like last year, rustic and simple is the trend this year. This means simple wood and metal settees and sofas with comfortable cushions in various shades of gray, as well as simple garden tables and chairs in dark colors. But it's not just about furniture this year - plants such as pampas grass or olive trees also make a big difference and make your patio look more elegant and beautiful. And if you like things practical and delicious, you can plant a raised bed with your favorite herbs or fruits and vegetables and enjoy them right from your DIY garden.



The Key to a beautiful Outdoor Area is in the Details

In addition to outdoor furniture, you can decorate your outdoor space to make your balcony or patio more personal. For example, if you want to enjoy your outdoor space late into the evening with friends, small details like a string of lights or candles can make a big difference. Indirect lighting is especially popular this year. In keeping with the trend of sustainability and self-sufficiency over the past few years, solar lights are often used.


What are you waiting for? Upgrade your exterior!