Less is More: Setting up a minimalist Bathroom

More and more people want to reduce their lives to the essentials and turn their backs on excess. Minimalism is trendy in all areas of life, and the minimalist bathroom is becoming increasingly popular. And with good reason: there are many advantages to doing without the superfluous. But how do you go about creating a minimalist bathroom, and what furniture or accessories should you include? Here are some tips on how to create a minimalist bathroom.


The minimalist Bathroom offers these Advantages

Minimalism is based on the idea of reducing a form to its essence, which is function. So if you choose to live a minimalist lifestyle, you want to get by with little, but still enjoy full functionality. In such a bathroom, there is no place for ornamentation or over-decoration, which can cause anxiety.

With a focus on a few pieces of furniture and a harmonious design, a minimalist bathroom is particularly sober and calm. Such a bathroom offers the perfect conditions for maximum relaxation. And relaxation is one of the most important goals in the bathroom. But that's not all. A minimalist bathroom also offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to clean as there are many free surfaces that can simply be wiped clean
  • A tidy look at all times, as nothing is left lying around
  • Plenty of space to perfectly showcase favorite items such as the shower area or the bathtub
  • If attention is also paid to minimalism in cosmetics and care products, plastic can be reduced

How to furnish your minimalist Bathroom

It doesn't matter if the bathroom is small or large - minimalism works for every bathroom. Before you start decorating, think about what you really need in your bathroom. Everything else is either completely banished and kept out of sight in the closet or elsewhere.

The right furniture for the minimalist Bathroom

If you have any influence on the arrangement of the toilet, sink, shower and toilet, value symmetry. Cupboards, washbasins and accessories should be installed in pairs if possible for a harmonious overall picture. A harmonious overall picture is also achieved if towel rails or hooks are attached at the same height.


You should also focus on one style and avoid mixing styles. By the way, minimalist living does not mean that all furniture has to be completely linear. If you prefer curves, circles or other shapes instead, make sure that this design runs through as much of the bathroom furniture as possible.

An open floor is typical of the minimalist living style. Towel bars, cabinets or toilet paper holders are mounted on the wall. The open floor makes the bathroom feel larger, which is why the minimalist style is perfect for small bathrooms.

Color and decoration for the minimalist Bathroom

Although you don't have to do without color in a minimalist bathroom, you should still choose a color that is as simple as possible. Pure white is one of the classics because it is subtle and at the same time looks very fresh. In principle, however, other simple colors such as beige, gray, subtle blue or green are also suitable for such a bathroom.

The fewer contrasts you use, the larger your bathroom will appear. Of course, you don't have to completely do without a few accents. A bathroom towel holder made of black metal or a black shower shelf can become a charismatic eye-catcher in a minimalist bathroom.

For a personal touch you can use fewer, selected decorations. Green plants fit particularly well in such a bathroom, but baskets or a few textiles in simple colors also harmonize with the furnishing style.

Which furnishing styles go particularly well with the minimalist bathroom?

You are welcome to combine the minimalist living trend with other furnishing styles. The industrial style and the Japandi living trend are particularly suitable for this. The industrial style focuses on a few materials such as black metal, wood and glass. The shapes are linear and reduced to the essentials. In the bathroom, you can implement this living style with black towel rails for wall mounting and standing towel rails, for example. Add a few selected decorative items made of natural wood and green plants to the furniture – and the industrial-style bathroom is perfect.

Japandi combines the exoticism of Japan with the naturalness of Scandinavia. Selected black accessories or bathroom furniture lend structure to the style of living. Other features include natural materials, clear shapes and subtle colors.


Your minimalist bathroom from Metallbude

At Metallbude, the name says it all, because we have focused on handmade furniture and accessories made of high-quality metal. Thanks to the simple forms and the focus on the function of each product, our furnishings fit perfectly into your minimalist bathroom.

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