High-quality Garden Furniture - Inspiration and Ideas for Balconies and Terraces

The garden or outdoor season has begun and with it comes the question of how the balcony or terrace should be furnished and designed. In the warm months, the outdoor area becomes the center of everyday life and a homely oasis of well-being that should be aesthetic, practical and comfortable at the same time. The outdoor furniture trends 2023 also reflect this claim. What's particularly striking is that cosiness is the defining motif and today's metal garden furniture is in no way inferior to its indoor equivalent.

Metal Garden Furniture - maximum Comfort, minimum Effort

Inferior plastic loungers, uncomfortable lawn chairs and slippery cushions are a thing of the past. The demands on outdoor design are closer to those of indoor design. Coziness and comfort should also be present on the terrace and balcony at home. This means in particular: high seating comfort with comfortable cushions, atmospheric lighting and decoration as well as practical garden furniture. The latter always in combination with easy-care furniture. This year, the race is on for high-quality garden furniture made of metal and other weather-resistant materials that are durable and require little maintenance.




Living Room moves outside - metal Garden Sofa

The boundaries between indoors and outdoors are becoming increasingly blurred. Good design and comfort no longer stop at the threshold of the terrace, balcony or garden, but run like a red thread through all living areas. As indoors, this year outdoors is dominated by dark colors in gray or black, furniture with an elegant design and the addition of natural materials. The focus is on seating groups with outdoor dining tables and modern lounge areas that invite people to sit alone, in pairs or in groups for longer periods of time.




Trending in 2023: Outdoor Dining

Not only is the living room moving outdoors, but so is the dining room. As soon as the temperature rises and the hours of sunshine increase, eating outdoors is often celebrated. Whether it's breakfast, a barbecue or an after-work drink, the right garden or lounge furniture provides the ideal setting. Add comfortable cushions, color-coordinated outdoor pillows and matching accessories such as coasters, serving trays or candleholders, and you have the perfect outdoor dining experience. After all, the fresh air tastes best, right?