Modern, black, beautiful – these are the five hottest bathroom trends for 2023

Short-lived trends for the bathroom? We do not recommend them. If you are renovating your bathroom, you should choose a style that you will still like in 10 years. That's why we're presenting the five most popular bathroom trends from 2023 below, which will also be fashionable in the 2030s and beyond.

Bathroom trend number 1: Black and metal – timelessly beautiful and very trendy

In 2023 the trend will be away from gray and towards black. Bathrooms that were already dark and luxurious in 2022 can become even darker in 2023. However, a matt black bathroom wall or dark anthracite tiles do not mean that the bathroom will be cold and uncomfortable.

On the contrary: black underlines a high-quality, luxurious ambience. The important thing about the wall color is: it has to be matt black. In combination with natural colors or wooden elements and special bathroom textiles, the bathroom still remains homely. A mix of black and white is also possible - for example black tiles and white walls.

If you can't renovate your bathroom this year and paint the tiles or walls black, choose black details - for example black fittings and bathroom accessories or black metal furniture such as towel racks, towel hooks, wall shelves or wall mirrors with metal frames.

Bathroom trend number 2: Round shapes, organic lines – this is how cozy the bathroom will be in 2023


The angular lines of modern furnishing styles – you no longer have to accommodate them in the bathroom. Instead, round shapes and organic lines will be trendy in 2023. Specifically, this means: The bathtub can be noticeably curved and the mirror can be circular.

It becomes brand new when you combine trend number 2 with trend number 1 - and choose, for example, a round mirror with a metal frame or rounded, black metal hooks. This way you can continue the loft style in your bathroom and at the same time follow the current bathroom trends.

Bathroom trend number 3: The bathroom as a spa area

Today's bathroom is more than just a quiet place or an area for showering and brushing your teeth. Bathrooms that are also used for relaxation are trending. Pretty bathrooms that invite you to linger after work.

These include easy-to-implement details such as a shelf for scented candles and a customizable lighting concept with indirect LED lighting as well as walk-in showers with rain shower heads and massage panels or spacious bathtubs with whirlpool function.

The special extra that invites you into the bathroom doesn't have to be expensive: a pretty tropical plant or a whole corner with tropical plants turns the hot relaxing bath into a mini vacation in the Caribbean. With a little urban jungle in the bathroom, you'll be right on trend this year.

Bathroom trend number 4: Sustainability in the bathroom – a trend in 2023

Living sustainably and conserving resources – this attitude is also reflected in bathroom trends. Luckily - because the environment and your wallet will thank you with every liter of hot water you save. In addition to water-saving shower heads, there are also modern water-saving fittings for sinks and shower trays.

Sustainability in the bathroom is also reflected in the products in the bathroom: wooden body and toothbrushes, vegan natural cosmetics, washable make-up removal pads, recycled toilet paper and biodegradable bathroom cleaners protect the environment.

In addition : bathroom furniture from Metallbude is also extremely sustainable, because our metal furniture is made to last. You can pass the towel ladder in black from our range on to your grandchildren at some point. Thanks to our timeless designs and high quality, our products can be used for many years.

Bathroom trend number 5: Minimalism in the bathroom


The bathroom should look clear and tidy - but at the same time modern, inviting and homely. How does that work? It's simple: cosmetic items and toothbrushes disappear behind cupboard doors, in drawers or in bamboo boxes or fabric baskets. Only a few items are left open - and these should ideally be chosen carefully and look nice.

For example, choose a pretty plant, your favorite scented candle or a vase with branches as individual decorative items. In addition, perhaps unexpected bathroom elements become decor: the bathroom heater with a special design, for example, the free-standing, rounded bathtub, the towel ladder made of white or black metal, simple but special towel hooks or the mirror with LED light frame.

The bathroom trends for 2023 offer completely new opportunities to transform your bathroom into a fully-fledged living space in which you enjoy spending your time. With loft furniture made of metal from Metallbude, you can modernize your existing bathroom with even small changes and additions.

Browse our range at Metallbude now and furnish your bathroom with the current bathroom trends of the year. We look forward to your visit to our online shop.