We had the pleasure to welcome Alina, a young, budding architect, visit her home and admire her her sense of style in her charming old apartment.owe us inspiration from her charming old apartment. In an interview, she reveals to us how to create your own living style and how her values are reflected in her furnishings.

Alina Buschke:

Soli X | Devana X | Credit: Tobias Stern

1. How would you describe your interior style?

My interior has a minimalistic, straightforward and monochrome character. Some would even describe my style as cold, but I feel most comfortable with a neutral color concept and reduced design. True to the motto: "Less is more".

Soli X | Devana X | Estina | Credit: Tobias Stern

2. Your tip: How do you find your own living style?

Finding your own living style is something very individual. It depends enormously on your own needs for the use of the rooms. At the beginning, it is important to look for a lot of inspiration on e.g. Pinterest, interior bloggers* or magazines. Collect all the images you find aesthetically pleasing and create a mood board from your favorites to get a feel for the direction you want it to go. Once you've found the mood you want to achieve, think about what color scheme you want to choose for the room. Base it on a maximum of five colors that work well together, create a common thread in the room, and match your personality. Focus on the materials, textures and textiles so that together they create a coherent overall concept. If you're unsure, creating a lookbook can also help with this.

Ria | Credit: Tobias Stern

Not to be overlooked is the question of what use is intended for the room. Match the arrangement of furniture to your recreational use and focus on functionality. Do you need a reading corner or a large table for social evenings in a large group? The needs should be included in the planning, so that the room is maximally adjusted to you.

Bovi | Soli X | Credit: Tobias Stern

3. To what extent does the interior reflect your personal attitude or lifestyle?

Sustainability and timeless design is an important matter to me. I have an expectation of my furnishings that I will still like them in ten years, and I like to invest in products that I can assume will last. I also have a great passion for second-hand shopping. I have bought many design classics from my home second-hand and have thus been able to save the environment and my own wallet.

Barni | Credit: Tobias Stern